B.A. in English / Writing Focus (67-69 credits)


English majors choose among three tracks: writing, linguistics, and literature (each track comprises 26-28 credits). Students who choose the writing track will complete the common core (41 credits) and 26-28 upper-division credits in creative writing, professional writing, or a combination of both areas. Students who choose the writing minor will complete WR 230W and 4 upper-dvision writing classes in the areas of their choice. NOTE: all upper-division courses with the WR prefix that are not creative writing fulfill writing-intensive graduation requirements.


Major: Common Core (see below, 41 credits) plus (26-28 credits)


3 300-level writing classes* (11-12)
3 400-level writing classes (12)
1 upper-division HUM course (3-4)

*May include TA 330 Script Writing


Minor: (19-20 credits)


WR 222 or WR 230 (4)
Approved upper-division WR courses (may include TA 330 Script Writing) (15-16)


  • Common Core
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Course Offerings

Common Core (41 credits) The Common Core is a set of courses that the English Studies department requires of all their majors, regardless of track (literature, linguistics, writing language arts secondary teaching). Students minoring in English need not complete the common core. Before taking common course literature courses (ENG prefix), students must complete two LACC literature courses. ENG 107 and 108 should be taken as the two LACC literature courses for English majors and language arts secondary education majors.  ENG 109 is also recommended.

Students who already have taken ENG 104, 105, 106, 109, FR 110, or GL 110 should see their English advisor to substitute for ENG 107 and/or 108 on their Academic Degree Program form.  All students should complete ENG 218W as early as possible in the English core.

ENG 218W Introduction to Literary Study (4)

LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics (4)

WR 230W Introduction to Writing Studies (4)

ENG 204, 205, 206 Survey of British Literature (12)

ENG 253, 254 Survey of American Literature (8)

ENG 301 Shakespeare (4)

LING 315 Structure of English I (4)

ENG 498 Senior Capstone (1) [Not required for Language Arts Secondary Education majors]

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate applications of varied writing styles, creative and professional genres, and rhetorical strategies and conventions.
  2. Demonstrate competency with invention, drafting, and revision processes as both writer and critic through activities such as workshops, peer reviews, and group projects.
  3. Demonstrate competency in creating text-appropriate sentences as well as in editing for syntactic and stylistic punctuation and conventions.

Course Offerings

WR 300 Technical and Workplace Writing (4) Instruction and practice in professional workplace writing, with emphasis on genre, audience, and collaboration. Prerequisite: WR 122 or equivalent.

WR 301 Integrating Writing and Design (4) Instruction and practice designing professional writing documents. Prerequisite: WR 122.

WR 302 Editing and Style for Writers (4) Introduction to fundamental concepts of sentence structure, conventions and usage to help writers create clear, effective, correct and well-crafted sentences, appropriate for a particular genre. Instruction will involve study of mentor texts/sentences and application to students’ own writing. For both creative and professional writers. Prerequisite: WR 122.

WR 303 Topics in Public and Professional Writing (4) Courses, seminars, or workshops in specialized topics relating to business, technical, and professional writing. Prerequisite: WR 122.

WR 360 Fiction Workshop (4) First course in fiction writing, emphasizing technique and critical appreciation of fiction writing. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 122 or equivalent.

WR 361 Poetry Workshop (4) First course in poetry writing, emphasizing technique and critical appreciation of poetry writing. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 122 or equivalent.

WR 363 Creative Non-Fiction Workshop (4) First course in creative nonfiction writing, emphasizing technique and critical appreciation of genre. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 122 or equivalent.

WR 364 Topics in Creative Writing (4) First course in techniques of creative writing in areas other than fiction or poetry. Specific focus will be identified each time course is offered. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 122 or equivalent.

WR 399 Special Studies (4)

WR 400 Professional Writing in Global Contexts (4) Instruction and practice in professional writing in cultural contexts both domestic and international. Prerequisite: WR 300.

WR 401 Writing across Media (4) Experience with principles of media theory and media genre conventions that affect the display of digital writing. Prerequisite: WR 301.

WR 402 Professional Editing (4) Instruction and experience in editing technical and professional documents, including both print and online publications. Covers types of editing, the production process, and issues in editing. Prerequisite: WR 302.

WR 405 Professional Concerns (4) Course prepares students for job search by familiarizing them with employment documents (e.g., cover letters, portfolios, resumes) and interpersonal employment conventions (e.g., in-person and distance interviews, social media, elevator pitches, career fairs). Prerequisite: WR 230W.

WR 406 Special Individual Studies (1-15) Terms and hours to be arranged. Individual or special studies in a limited area of interest under the guidance of a designated faculty member. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

WR 409 Internship (1-8) Terms and hours to be arranged. Eligible for the RP grade option.

WR 412/512 Writing Center Internship (1-6) Professional development in writing center theory and practice. Closed for general enrollment; contact Writing Center Director to apply.

WR 440/540 Writing Theory and Pedagogy (4) Study of current theories and practices in teaching writing for grades 5-12 and college. Provides an introduction to writing process, assignment design, and assessment. Recommended for students planning to attend graduate school (English or MAT). Prerequisite: WR 122 or equivalent and LING 315 or consent of instructor.

WR 460 Advanced Fiction Workshop (4) Advanced study of fiction-writing techniques. May be repeated once for credit. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 360 or consent of instructor.

WR 461 Advanced Poetry Workshop (4) Advanced study of poetry writing technique. May be repeated once for credit. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 361 or consent of instructor.

WR 463 Advanced Creative Non-Fiction Workshop (4) Advanced study of creative nonfiction techniques and writing for publication. May be repeated once for credit. Workshop. Prerequisite: WR 362 or consent of instructor.

WR 464 Writing for Publication (4) A survey of methods of publication and of markets for various kinds of writing. Theory and practice in manuscript preparation, manuscript form, proofreading, and copyright application. Submission of actual manuscript for publication. Prerequisite: WR 360, WR 361, WR 363, WR 364, or consent of instructor.

WR 496/596 Special Topics in Writing (4) An exploration of selected writing topics, as identified in each year’s schedule of classes. May be taken twice if content is not repeated. Prerequisite: one upper-division writing course or consent of instructor.

WR 606 Special Individual Studies (1-6) Individual or special writing instruction in a specific form of writing under the guidance of a designated faculty member.

WR 610 Forms of Expository Prose (3) Intensive study and practice in analyzing and writing expository prose. Recommended for secondary teachers.

WR 642 Writing Across the Curriculum (3) Introduces students to the theories and techniques in teaching writing, and teaching via writing, relevant to content knowledge courses.


300-level options400-level options
Professional Writing
WR 300: Technical and WorkplaceWR 400: Professional Writing in Global Contexts
WR 301: Integrating Writing and DesignWR 401: Writing Across Media
WR 302: Editing and Style for WritersWR 402: Professional Editing
WR 303: Topics in Public and Professional WritingWR 405: Professional Concerns
Creative Writing
WR 360: FictionWR 460: Advanced Fiction
WR 361: PoetryWR 461: Advanced Poetry
WR 363: Creative NonfictionWR 463: Advanced Creative Nonfiction
WR 364: Special TopicsWR 464: Writing for Publication




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