TEFL Certificate program

  • Are you interested in international career experiences where you can both work and travel?
  • Are you interested in taking advantage of your English skills in the global economy?
  • Would you like to create cross cultural understanding, help local communities where you live and teach, and make rewarding and lasting friendships?

The TEFL Certificate program prepares undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students who are interested in their first international/cross-cultural English teaching position. The program is designed for students who seek experience Teaching English as a Foreign Language by providing a strong foundation in English Linguistics and training in foreign language acquisition/teaching methodologies.

The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate focuses on teaching English internationally and cross-culturally primarily to young adult and adult learners. It is distinct from the College of Education ESOL/Bilingual endorsement, which is focused on K-12 school contexts in the United States.

The TEFL Certificate program requires 26-credits (six 4-credit courses plus a 2-credit practicum) and is for undergraduate or post-baccalaureate students. Courses in the TEFL Certificate program may also be applied towards the English Linguistics Major, or Minor (20 credits). Students entering the program with a Baccalaureate may obtain the Certificate by completing the required courses (26 credits), and fulfilling the residency requirements of a second Bachelor’s Degree.


TEFL Courses
Required Prerequisites

·   LING 310 Intro to Linguistics (4 credits). Offered every term. Must be taken before LING 315.

·   LING 315 Structure of English (4 credits). Offered most terms. Can be taken with LING 410.

Choose one: (all are 4 credits). These are offered in rotation with at least one offered each year.

·   LING 312 Language and Society

·   LING 350 Linguistics in the Digital Age

·   LING 370 Meaning and Context

Required 3-term Sequence

·   LING 410 Theories of Foreign Language Acquisition with Adult/Young Adult Learners (4 credits). Fall term only.

·   LING 415 Strategies in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners (4 credits). Winter term only.

·   LING 492 Pedagogical Grammar in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners (4 credits). Spring term only.

·   LING 416 Practicum (2 credits). Spring term only.




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