B.A. in English / Literature Concentration (69 credits)


English majors choose among three tracks: writing, linguistics, and literature (each track comprises 26-28 credits).


Major: Common Core (see below, 41 credits) plus (28 credits)


ENG 318 Contemporary Literary Theory (4)

Three 300-level literature courses (12)

(no more than one course from ENG 380-389)

Three 400-level literature courses (12)


Minor: (20 Credits)


ENG 218 Introduction to Literary Study (4)

Approved upper division literature courses (16)


  • Common Core
  • Literature Learning Outcomes

Common Core (41 credits)

The Common Core is a set of courses that the English Studies department requires of all their majors, regardless of concentration (literature, linguistics, writing language arts secondary teaching). Students minoring in English need not complete the common core. Before taking common course literature courses (ENG prefix), students must complete two LACC literature courses.  ENG 107 and 108 should be taken as the two LACC literature courses for English majors and language arts secondary education majors.  ENG 109 is also recommended.

Students who already have taken ENG 104, 105, 106, 109, FR 110, or GL 110 should see their English advisor to substitute for ENG 107 and/or 108 on their Academic Degree Program form.  All students should complete ENG 218W as early as possible in the English core.

ENG 218W Introduction to Literary Study (4)

LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics (4)

WR 230 Introduction to Writing Studies (4)

ENG 204, 205, 206 Survey of British Literature (12)

ENG 253, 254 Survey of American Literature (8)

ENG 301 Shakespeare (4)

LING 315 Structure of English I (4)

ENG 498 Senior Capstone (1) [Not required for Language Arts Secondary Education majors]

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss the relation of literary works to a variety of traditions and genres.
  2. Apply theories and research methods to analyze and interpret literature.
  3. Analyze relationships between literature and culture, society, and the individual.


Note: 300 level courses are not prerequisites for 400 level courses with corresponding numbers, but many 400 level courses require ENG 218 and one 300 level literature course as prerequisites. Consult catalog course descriptions for specific prerequisite requirements.


American LiteratureBritish Literature
ENG 331 American Literature to 1865ENG 301 Shakespeare
ENG 332 American Literature Since 1865ENG 320 Medieval British Literature
ENG 389 U.S. Minority LiteratureENG 321 Renaissance British Literature
ENG 407 Seminar [Variable Topics]*ENG 323 British Literature 1660-1832
ENG 432 Studies in American LiteratureENG 324 Victorian British Literature
ENG 447 Major Figures [Variable Topics]ENG 325 20th Century British Literature
ENG 407 Seminar [Variable Topics]
ENG 421 Studies in British Literature
ENG 447 Major Figures [Variable Topics]
Continental European LiteratureLiterary Theory
ENG 340 European Literature Before 1700ENG 318 Contemporary Literary Theory
ENG 341 European Literature After 1700ENG 418 Topics in Theory and Criticism
ENG 407 Seminar [Variable Topics]ENG 465 Teaching Literature
ENG 441 Studies in Continental European Literature
ENG 447 Major Figures [Variable Topics]
Special TopicsSpecial Studies
ENG 380 The Bible as LiteratureENG 399 Special Studies
ENG 385 FolkloreENG 406 Special Individual Studies
ENG 386 Form and Meaning in FilmENG 409 Internship
ENG 387 MythologyENG 498 Senior Capstone
ENG 390 World Literatures
ENG 465 Teaching Literature
ENG 490 Studies in World Literatures

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