B.A. in English / Linguistics Concentration (68-69 credits)


English majors choose among three tracks: writing, linguistics, and literature (each track comprises 26-28 credits).

Linguistics Track Major and Linguistics Minor

Major: Common Core (see below, 41 credits) plus (27-28 credits)


LING 312 Language and Society (4)

LING 350 Linguistics in the Digital Age (4)

LING 370 Meaning and Context (4)

Three 400-level linguistics courses (12)

One upper-division Humanities elective (3-4)


Minor: (20 Credits)


LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics (4)

LING 315 Structure of English (4)

Approved upper division linguistics courses (12)


  • Common Core
  • Linguistics Learning Outcomes

Common Core (41 credits) The Common Core is a set of courses that the English Studies department requires of all their majors, regardless of track (literature, linguistics, writing language arts secondary teaching). Students minoring in English need not complete the common core. Before taking common course literature courses (ENG prefix), students must complete two LACC literature courses. ENG 107 and 108 should be taken as the two LACC literature courses for English majors and language arts secondary education majors.  ENG 109 is also recommended.

Students who already have taken ENG 104, 105, 106, 109, FR 110, or GL 110 should see their English advisor to substitute for ENG 107 and/or 108 on their Academic Degree Program form.  All students should complete ENG 218W as early as possible in the English core.

ENG 218W Introduction to Literary Study (4)

LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics (4)

WR 230W Introduction to Writing Studies (4)

ENG 204, 205, 206 Survey of British Literature (12)

ENG 253, 254 Survey of American Literature (8)

ENG 301 Shakespeare (4)

LING 315 Structure of English I (4)

ENG 498 Senior Capstone (1) [Not required for Language Arts Secondary Education majors]

Linguistics Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze issues in language usage, language variation, language acquisition and history of the English language, with special attention to writing, literacy and language arts.
  2. Explain and analyze structure and function in the English language system.
  3. Analyze the relationship between language and culture, society and the individual.


300-Level Options400-Level Options
LING 312 Language and SocietyLING 406 Special Individual Studies
LING 314 Language Study for Elementary/Middle TeachersLING 407/507 Seminar
LING 315 Structure of EnglishLING 409 Internship
LING 350 Linguistics in the Digital AgeLING 410 Theories of Foreign Language Acquisition for Adult/Young Learners
LING 370 Meaning and ContextLING 415 Strategies in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners
LING 416 TEFL Certificate Practicum
LING 450/550 Linguistic Analysis of Style and Genre
LING 490 History of the English Language
LING 492 Pedagogical Grammar in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners
LING 496/596 Special Topics in Linguistics




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