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Morelia Program student reflections


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Wow! Where do I start. This has been the most amazing experience I have ever had. I am so fortunate to have been able to participate in such a life changing experience. When I first start(ed) planning this trip I never would have thought, in my wildest dreams, that it would be so impacting. Not only have I had the chance to further pursue my dream of becoming bilingual, but I have also had the opportunity to broaden my horizons in another culture, another place, another way of life... ~Adair Wolf


Stereotypes broken, Spanish words spoken

New culture and country and people now known

New love and compassion in me has grown

Courage and strength to travel far away

An experience to have and a memory to stay!
~Elise Andersen


I am an ELL teacher and I work with students from around the world, especially Mexico. When I saw that WOU offered a program for teachers to learn Spanish in Mexico, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to experience the world through my students' eyes... I did experience the world through someone learning a language but this trip became more than that. I have learned about another culture, I analyzed my own culture, gained confidence in myself, saw another point of view, shared lesson plans, gained a new family and participated in a uniting of two countries. This trip not only gave me knowledge but the drive to do more. ~Kiki Sangster

Not only has this trip broadened my own views of Mexico and immigration to the United States, it has broadened my views of myself. I feel more prepared to educate immigrant children of different generations in my classroom, more prepared to communicate with their families, and more confident as an ally for Mexican-American children in general. ~Kylie Bayer

As you take in a different culture you also leave or share a portion of your own. Acculturation is a beautiful thing: to indulge in the food, dance, music, and general ways of life while strengthening your own traditions and beliefs is to be a true lover of learning: therefore a true lover of life. . . I feel like a stronger being, full of passion, intelligence and drive toward the goal of advocating a world for "us," not "them and us." ~Joyce Coskey

My experiences in Mexico have been life altering to the core. . . . Having the chance to be immersed in Mexico with the language and taking an education class focusing on [English learners] has been one of the most beneficial set of academic classes I have taken in my whole college career. I feel more prepared to enter the teaching work force and confident in making connections with Mexican parents. . . . Mexico and my experiences here will forever have a place in my heart. ~Julia Vincent


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