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English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
and Bilingual/ESOL endorsements

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A student's words...
teacher candidate and student

"The (ESOL) program has equipped me with crucial skills that I have been able to use in my student teaching placement. I have learned so much about ELLs (English Language Learners) and how to make my students feel more comfortable in the classroom. I feel well-prepared to enter into the teaching profession and implement valuable and effective strategies. - Megan McCann

The Division of Teacher Education offers endorsements in ESOL and Bilingual/ESOL. The program leads to an add-on endorsement to an Oregon teaching license and can be completed in three ways: by itself, or in conjunction with an undergraduate program or graduate program.


ESOL Undergraduate / Post Bacc Program:

Undergraduate Advising Packet, Program Plan and Contract


ESOL Graduate Program:

Graduate Advising Packet, Program Plan and Contract


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Announcements about testing

Candidates for the ESOL endorsement are required to pass the NES ESOL exam. Further information about the test can be found on the ESOL test registration page. A free online test preparation course is available via To register, login to Moodle using the WOU Portal and your PawPrint username and password. Select the "All Courses" link and search for ESOL NES.


Bilingual Teacher Scholars

Since it has been challenging to prepare bilingual teacher candidates (TCs), WOU looked for other options to recruit them. WOU partnered with three school districts that have a diverse student population. Thus, during the fall term of 2015, we welcomed 40 bilingual teacher scholars (BTSs) to our university. This cohort of TCs is positioned to make an impact at university and state level (see an article about the BTSs)


Bilingual/ESOL Endorsement and Bilingual Teacher Initiative

Requirements for the Bilingual/ESOL endorsement are the same as the ESOL endorsement except that to be endorsed as Bilingual/ESOL a candidate must show language proficiency by completing at least 6 credits upper division foreign language coursework (i.e., 300 level or above) or by passing the TSPC- approved exam. For Spanish Language, the required exam is the Spanish NES (National Evaluation Series) exam. Further information about the test can be found on the Spanish test registration page. Additional Requirements:

  • Students seeking ECE or Elementary authorizations: For Spanish language, complete the practicum in a bilingual classroom.
  • Students seeking Middle or High School authorizations: For those seeking an endorsement in a foreign language (e.g. to teach Spanish language), there will be no additional requirements. All others (e.g. those seeking endorsements in Language Arts, Math, etc.) must perform a teaching demonstration in the foreign language in front of a panel of experts.

If you are interested in pursuing the Bilingual/ESOL Endorsement in Spanish, learn more about the Bilingual Teacher Program.

The Bilingual Teacher Initiative recruits, retains and recognizes bilingual students in teacher preparation programs at WOU. A variety of support services and opportunities are offered students pursuing the Bilingual/ESOL Endorsement, who are known as Bilingual Fellows. Click here to learn more.

Program Advisors
Students with surname A-F Students with surname G - O Students with surname P - Z

Dr. Maria Dantas-Whitney
Education Room 202N

Dr. Carmen Caceda
Education Room 163

Jessica Royston-Dougherty
Education Room 159

Program Faculty:
Dr. Carmen Caceda, Associate Professor and Bilingual Teacher Initiative Coordinator

Dr. Maria Dantas-Whitney, Professor

Mrs. Jessica Royston-Dougherty, Instructor



College of Education 503-838-8471 | or e-mail: