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Get a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education


The WOU undergraduate Early Childhood (EC) program prepares skilled and reflective teacher leaders in the field of early childhood who are advocates for young children (birth - 4th grade) and their families. We offer two program options: Early Childhood Teaching Authorization and the Early Childhood Studies (non-licensure) major. Both programs focus on working with young children in inclusive settings.


The Early Childhood Teaching Authorization (ECE)

(Licensure for 3 years - 4th grade)


All of our coursework is a blend of early childhood and early childhood special education, as well as culturally relevant practices, giving teacher candidates in-depth knowledge and experience in differentiated education in inclusive settings. Although teacher candidates will gain experience and knowledge with children ages birth - 3 years of age, the Early Chidhood Teaching Authorization licensure is for ages 3 through 4th grade in an elementary school only.


The Early Childhood Studies Major (ECS Major)

(Non Licensure for birth to 4th grade)


This blended major prepares students to work in inclusive early childhood settings with children ages birth - 4th grade where a license is not necessary (including Head Start, child care, preschools, therapeutic early childhood settings, and K - 4 non-licensure positions). All coursework in our program is a blend of early childhood and early childhood special education, with culturally relevant practices woven throughout. EC Studies majors will graduate with in-depth knowledge and experience indifferentiated education in inclusive settings for young children ages birth - 4th grade.




If you are interested in the Early Chidhood programs at Western Oregon University, we'd love to talk to you!


Please Contact: Dr. Cindy Ryan, EC Program Coordinator

Education Building, Room ED 202N / (503) 838-8605




Division of Teacher Education 503-838-8471 | or e-mail:
Location: Ed 202H