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Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Initial Licensure Program

Financial Advising Page


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Not all students prepare to enter our program in exactly the same way. Some complete the LACC and pre-education coursework on the WOU campus while others transfer here from a community college or other university. Therefore, the following information applies only to the 3 terms that you are enrolled in the Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Initial Licensure Program, it does not reflect the entire cost of an undergraduate degree at WOU.


For more information about the total cost of an undergradute degree at WOU, please visit the Financial Aid Department.


The Professional Core

The 3 term Undergraduate/Postbaccalaureate Initial Licensure program consists of 38 - 41 credit hours, depending upon authorization level.

  • Early Childhood - 38 credits
  • Early Childhood/Elementary - 38 credits
  • Elementary/Middle - 41 credits
  • Middle/High School - 38 credits
  • High School - 38 credits


You can find the current undergraduate tuition and course fees here: WOU Tuition Calculator


Field Experience Student Teaching Fee

Reflected in the program course list as "Student Teaching I", "Student Teaching II", and "Student Teaching III", these credit hours will be spent in a public school setting and require an additional $16 per credit hour above the standard undergraduate course fee.





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