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Division of Teacher Education

Undergraduate Program Advising Page


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The Division of Teacher Education (DTE) has a three phase advising model:


Phase One starts when you declare as a pre-education major at WOU. Ideally during your freshman year, but this can happen at any point of your academic career. Meet with an AALC adviser and work to fulfill the LACC. After completing five of the six criteria in Phase One you may be eligible to move to Phase Two by requesting a file review from the AALC. Once the File Review Form has been signed, arrange to meet with the DTE Undergraduate or Post-Bacc Adviser (they will need the form when you meet).


Phase Two begins when you are assigned an adviser in the Division of Teacher Education (DTE). Meet with your DTE adviser each term to discuss progress, plan for future terms, and release the advising hold. Early in this phase, pick up an application packet from the Education Building Room 202. Note: You must apply to the Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate teacher edcuation program two terms before you plan to enter.


Phase Three begins once a candidate is accepted into the Professional Education Core and starts thier first term of the Undergraduate or Post-baccalaureate program. You will transition to a DTE Team Leader/Adviser at this time and are responsible for completing any remaining LACC courses, the teaching major, and BA/BS or focus area requirements outside of the Professional Education Core.


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