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Division of Teacher Education

Undergraduate & Post-Baccalaureate Program: Elementary / Middle Advising Page



Advising Guide
Undergraduate Teacher Preparation
Grade three through grade nine in an elementary or middle school setting only

The following Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Advising Guide has been prepared to assist pre-education majors in selecting courses, tracking progress, and navigating advising on campus at Western Oregon University. The first page shows the structure of pre-education advising and how to progress from one phase to the next. The second page is focused on the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) for pre-education majors and BA/BS requirements. The third page describes the pre-education major and the fourth page shows the Professional Education Core. Please keep this guide, refer to it often, plan your courses and actions accordingly, and ask questions of your advisor if you're not sure what to do!
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three

Freshman/early Sophomore year

Sophomore/early Junior year or Transfer students

Enrolled in UG program: 3 terms

Advisor AALC/ Community College DTE Faculty Advisor Licensure Program

LACC/Core Curriculum
Completed MTH 211


Completed/Enrolled in Ling 210


Completed 50 credits


Maintain a 2.75 Overall GPA
with no more than one
outstanding incomplete


Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all Education classes


Teaching Major/Education
Prerequisites and Electives
Finish MTH 211-213 sequence


Finish LING 210, 314 sequence


Finish Teaching Major, Education prerequisites and BA/BS requirements with no more than 4 credits left before you enter Phase Three


Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all Education classes

Professional Education Core

Apply for Graduation


Complete 30 hours working with youth

Request letter of documentation (on school district letterhead)

Complete 30 hours working with youth in a K-12 public school setting within 12-18 mos. of applying, ideally at the grade level you want to teach

Request Confidential letter of documentation (on letterhead; in a sealed envelope)

Embedded in the Professional Education core


Must be passed in order to apply to the program
(Choose ONE of the following)

NES-Essential Academic Skills (EAS)


PPST/Praxis I


Must be passed in order to apply to the program


ORELA Civil Rights

Must be passed prior to beginning the Professional Education Core

NES-Elementary Education Subtest 2




Middle Grades Content Test
English Language Arts Test
General Science
Social Science

Must be passed in order to apply to the program

NES-Elementary Education Subtest 1

Bilingual Endorsement (optional)


Take three or four classes before entering the UG Education program; see an ESOL advisor to sign a contract

Finish remaining classes; take
ESOL test; complete ED 409 ESOL practicum in final term

Transitions File Review: Request Transfer to Phase Two

Enter Phase Three after Acceptance to the Licensure Program
(Professional Education Core)


Please download the complete Elementary / Middle Level Authorization Advising Guide, including required LACC and COE course listings, for the year that you began the program.


You can find your catalog year Advising Guides here:

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You can find previous catalog year Degree Plans here:

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Key Contacts

Andrea Carano, Undergraduate Programs Adviser 503-838-8675. Education Building Room 114A


Bill Hamlin, Post-baccalaureate and Graduate Programs Adviser . 503-838-8704 . Education Building Room 114B


Division of Teacher Education 503-838-8471 | or e-mail:
Location: Ed 202H