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Telecommunication Training Materials

  • You Don't Know What You've Been Missing! (PPT) This presentation covers alerting and signaling devices that make auditory signals in our environments (e.g., phones ringing, door bells, sirens, fire alarms) accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. By Cheryl D. Davis.
  • For Whom the Bell Flashes: Telecommunications Options (PPT) Need some ideas on how to improve your ability to communicate on the telephone? This module includes information and websites on amplification, cell phones, video relay, 2-line voice carry over, IP relay and, of course, POTS (that's Plain Old Telephone Service). By Cheryl D. Davis
  • When Seconds Count Find out about the importance of ensuring that your local 9-1-1 Call Centers can handle TTY and VCO (voice carry over) calls. By Cheryl D. Davis.

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