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Hearing Loss Training Materials

  • Self-Knowledge is Power Being able to advocate for yourself requires an awareness of not only what techniques and accommodations work for you and what doesn't work, but also why. By Cheryl D. Davis.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition and Access: 20 years, 20 months, or tomorrow? By Cheryl D. Davis.
  • Are You Hearing Challenged? Thinking about getting a hearing evaluation? Not sure how to proceed? Read this informative article and take the next step! By Penny Allen.
  • One Student's Story...Or is it? Many individuals who are hard of hearing are unaccustomed to asking for help and are not be aware of the kinds of services that may be available to them.
  • Internet Resources Related to Hearing Loss Interested in quickly finding information on hearing loss related issues? Check out WROCC's webpage on Internet Resources Related to Hearing Loss. You'll find links to information on cochlear implants, sign language, consumer groups,ADA, cued speech, Deaf culture, assistive technology, and e-mail discussion lists. This website is updated regularly...keep an eye on it for new links.
  • Defining Communication Access for Individuals who are Hard of Hearing (PPT) Service providers often question whether a student who is hard of hearing (as opposed to Deaf) would qualify for services in postsecondary settings. Specifically, many hard-of-hearing individuals request print accommodations and service providers are often at a loss as to how to evaluate if this is an appropriate accommodation for the individual. The goal of this module is to help service providers develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various accommodations in the range of learning environments to help them better understand when print accommodations are appropriate. By Cheryl D. Davis.

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