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Hearing Aid Training Materials

  • A Hearing Aid Primer (PDF) Addressing the basic types of hearing aids (analog, digitally programmable, and fully digital), this brochure includes definitions and explanations about the variety hearing aid technology available today. This brochure will be useful for anyone considering a hearing aid for personal use or to provide general information for anyone wanting to know more about hearing aid options. By Carol J. Yetter.
  • What is a Hearing Aid Evaluation? (PDF) Including definitions of common audiological terms, this brochure explains the process of being screened for a hearing aid, matching a hearing aid to a person's loss, and fitting the hearing aid to a user's audiological profile. By Carol J. Yetter.
  • How to Read an Audiogram (PDF) This brochure examines the parameters of frequency and intensity, explains the audiometer and the interpretation of audiograms. Beneficial for disability service providers, vocational counselors and anyone needing to understand or read audiograms. By Carol J. Yetter.
  • Are You Hearing Challenged? Thinking about getting a hearing evaluation? Not sure how to proceed? Read this informative article and take the next step! By Penny Allen.

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