• The Audiogram Doesn't Tell the Whole Story: When Documentation Isn't Enough (PPT) This training explores how a deaf or hard of hearing individual's functional limitations and requests for accommodation are shaped by his or her Hearing Experience. Considering intake in the context of the social model of disability and the service providers dilemma, this training examines why students with identical audiograms have very different functional limitations and academic adjustments. By Mary Morrison and Annette Leonard.
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Health Sciences Programs (PPT) This module was designed to provide DSS staff with information so that they can better understand some of the unique features of health sciences programs. Developed by Martha R. Smith, Project Coordinator and Jo-Ann Sowers, PhD, Project Director of the Health Sciences Faculty project at Oregon Health & Science University’s Center on Self Determination for the WROCC Outreach Site at Western Oregon University.
  • Interpreting for Medical Students (PPT) Students with disabilities are finding their way into health sciences programs, including students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. As an interpreter, do you have what it takes to work in this arena? This module, writing by an interpreter who is currently interpreting for a Deaf medical student, provides information and tips to others who are considering working in this challenging setting. This module was prepared by Todd Agan, CI, CT for the WROCC Outreach Site at Western Oregon University. The project was co-sponsored by Oregon Health Sciences University Center on Self Determination.
  • Academic Advising: Serving Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students (PPT) This module provides communication tips and advising information for academic advisors who may be new to working with students who are hard of hearing or deaf. By Martha R. Smith and Cheryl D. Davis.
  • Tutoring and Writing Links This is a list of resources useful to individuals who are tutoring deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Many neat internet resources available!
  • Foreign Language Links This is a list of internet resources that foreign language instructors (and students) may find useful. It includes information on studying languages, websites in foreign languages, and multicultural Deaf sites.
  • Telecast Links from 9/26/0Telecast: Using Technology to Enhance Education Services
  • Self-Knowledge is Power Being able to advocate for yourself requires an awareness of not only what techniques and accommodations work for you and what doesn't work, but also why. By Cheryl D. Davis
  • Defining Communication Access for Individuals who are Hard of Hearing (PPT) Service providers often question whether a student who is hard of hearing (as opposed to Deaf) would qualify for services in postsecondary settings. Specifically, many hard-of-hearing individuals request print accommodations and service providers are often at a loss as to how to evaluate if this is an appropriate accommodation for the individual. The goal of this module is to help service providers develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of various accommodations in the range of learning environments to help them better understand when print accommodations are appropriate. By Cheryl D. Davis.


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