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New Student Orientation Video:
Pah! I'm in College...Now What?
Image of Todd Agan, Courtney Westberg, & Martha Smith from video.
Many times, Deaf students who are new to college life are not aware that procedures for receiving services are different from what they were accustomed to in high school. As a result, both students and service providers may become frustrated by what each perceives to be a lack of cooperation and understanding on the other's part.
Pah! I'm in College...Now What? follows Sarah, a deaf student, as she enters college and learns to negotiate the new procedures--and responsibilities--she encounters as she applies for services and progresses throughout the term. Courtney Westberg stars as Sarah, and Jennifer Alleman and Chad Margasun are 2 older students who are 'in the know'. These 3 Deaf students provide a positive role model for requesting services, meeting with interpreters and instructors, and success in the classroom. Viewers are guided through each vignette by an on-screen narrator. Other faculty and staff from Western also participated in the filming, including Martha Smith, the Disability Services Coordinator.
Presented in sign language with voice overs and open captioning, this video is useful in Deaf Student Orientations to encourage discussion on a variety of topics Disability Services providers must introduce to new students, such as how to request services, policy issues, and the appropriate use of interpreters. It introduces the topics in a general way, leaving room for individual institutions to tailor the discussions to suit their own needs.

Want to know more about the content? View the script.

This 30-minute video is available for $20.00 (including shipping and handling) from the PEPNet Resource Center. Requests for the Pah! I'm in College video should include your name, address, phone, and e-mail. Checks should be made out to CSUN. Send requests and checks to PEPNet Resource Center / National Center on Deafness / California State University, Northridge / 18111 Nordhoff Street / Northridge CA 91330-8267, or phone toll-free 888-684-4695 (v/tty); fax 818-677-4899. Order forms also available at under "Resource Center".
This video production was a joint effort of Western Oregon University's Northwest Outreach Center, the Office of Disability Services and the Region X Interpreter Education Center, and the Western Region Outreach Center and Consortia in a contract with the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education.

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