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Listservs related to Hearing Loss

What are Listservs?

  • Listservs are basically e-mail discussion groups are a great way to be in touch with others around the world who have similar interests. These lists are formed around a topic or interest, and you join the list by signing on to receive everyone's posts. There are lists formed around specific dog breeds, computer programs, and social and political interests. Some lists are pretty quiet, with less than 10 messages a day being sent to your mailbox. Other lists are very busy, and if you do not check your e-mail regularly, you can easily fill you mailbox to its limit. (For a more exact description, see About Electronic Mailing Lists.)

How to Subscribe:

  • Send an e-mail message to the linked addresses below. The message should be either: subscribe NameOfList or subscribe NameOfList Your Name. The subject line doesn't matter. You are sending a command to a computer, so don't put anything else in the message (and don't forget to TURN OFF your signature files when sending this message). You'll receive instructions back on how to post messages to the list. You'll start receiving messages automatically.

Locating Other Listservs:

Hearing-Loss Listservs:

  • Adaptive Technology And Technology Access in Postsecondary Institutions subscribe adtech-ps firstname lastname
  • Beyond_Hearing: Excellent, supportive, informative list whose members include technology experts, audiologists, advocates, parents, and of course, people living with hearing impairments. Expect about 20-30 messages a day, covering topics from assistive listening devices, hearing aid technology, and cochlear implants to captioned movies, service dogs, and personal experiences. Check out the B-H webpage for more info and to meet members of the group! subscribe beyond-hearing
  • CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) subscribe CAPD your name
  • Cochlear Implant Forum: For people who have or are interested in CIs. subscribe ci your name

    CI Forum FAQ
  • Deaf-Hearing Couples (DHC): covers issues common to communicating between hearing and deaf/hard of hearing spouses. subscribe DHC your name
  • DeafKids: Deaf kids listserv, ages 3-19 only subscribe DEAFKIDS
  • Deaf_L: Deafness and deaf culture subscribe DEAF-L
  • Deaf Latinas/os
  • Deafness Program Administrators subscribe deafadm youre-mailaddress

    example: subscribe deafadm
  • DeafSports: Sports activities in the Deaf community subscribe DEAFSPORTS
  • EduDeaf: Curriculum, teaching strategies subscribe EDUDEAF your name
  • HOH-LD-News Hard of Hearing/Late Deafened News
    Send a blank e-mail to

    Archives at
  • MRDEAF-L: Mental Retardation and Deafness subscribe MRDEAF-L
  • NOISE (Network for Overcoming Increased Silence Effectively): Forum to discuss topics of concern to hard of hearing/deaf medical (human medicine, nursing, dental, veterinary, etc.) professionals world-wide. It is also intended to be a means of support linking hard of hearing/deaf medical professionals.
    Contact Danielle at for more information. subscribe NOISE your name
  • ParentDeafHH: discussion vehicle of parenting issues faced by parents raising children who are hard of hearing or deaf. subscribe PARENTDEAF-HH your name
  • Parents Educating Parents Through Internet Connections (PEPTIC)
  • PEPNetWork Postsecondary Education Programs Network subscribe PEPNETWORK your name
  • PIN: Postsecondary Interpreting Network subscribe PIN your name

    Conference dates April 6-7, 2001 FMI Denise Kavin or Beth Bortolotti
  • Say What Club (SWC)
    Write info@saywhatclub.comfor information on how to join, or check out their website at Say What Club.
  • TDI E-Notes Telecommunications for the Deaf announcements signon TDI-L
  • Terps-L: Interpreters Listserv subscribe TERPS-L your name
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