Internet Resource Links Related to Hearing Loss

Telephone Technology Links

  • Access Able Relay List
    Access information for mature and disabled travelers. This page is a list of TTY and Voice phone numbers for airlines, car rental companies, Amtrak, lodging, relay servioces, and U.S.state and federal goverment offices.
  • Audex — PHONE: 800-237-0716
    Amplified cordless phones, cell phones, adapters.
  • Can my modem talk to at TTY? (Part of Technology Access Program at Gallaudet University:
  • Clearnet Digital Phone
    T-coil compatible.
  • Consumers' Guide to Telecommunications Relay Services
  • Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.
    Helpful articles. On Weitbrecht homepage, click on any product category, then click on any subcategory (if that page has subcategories), then click on any product. On the product's page, in the Help box at upper right, click on topic. Topics include "Digital vs Analog", "TTY use with cell phones," and "What is VCO?".
  • Federal Relay Service
    On red toolbar, click For Citizens, then in left-hand column click TTY-Federal Relay.
  • Motorola
    Phones, including T-coil compatible, pagers, e-mail, portable TTYs. Article on Hearing Aid Interference (with wireless phones):
  • Nokia
    Wireless phones: T-coil compatible (with Nokia Induction Loopset), TTY compatible, keypads with tactile feedback.
  • TMobile Sidekicks, BlackBerrys and handhelds.
  • PalmOne (previously PalmPilot)
    Handhelds and wireless phones.
  • Sprint Relay
    Sprint Relay, Video Relay, Relay Online, CapTel Relay (captioning service), and E-Turbo service.
  • TTY Faq
    FAQ on several related areas, including TTY hardware, TTY software, standards in various countries, and over 50 TTY terms (GA, SK...). Last updated May 97.
  • Wyndtell
    Two-way, wireless, nationwide text messaging service - includes email, communicatin with TTYs, and more.
  • i711 Relay Service. is a new, online relay service that blends a great text relay service with handy call tools and useful content. includes an online relay phone book, Speed Dial, and more, plus exclusive weekly articles on employment, technology, and culture for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. Best of all, is free. Visit for details.


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