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Show Your Support for Real-time Closed Captions

LNS Captioning has been producing the live, real-time closed captioning for KATU-Channel 2 news since 1997.  The captions are paid for by generous sponsors.  In exchange, they receive advertising exposure on KATU, throughout Oregon and SW Washington.  Itís a wonderful public service partnership between LNS, KATU, and our sponsors.  Our current sponsors, Fred Meyer Stores and Pacific Power, have been with the program since the beginning, and currently underwrite about 17 hours/week of news and public affairs broadcasts.

Both Fred Meyer and Pacific Power have new out-of-town owners, who are carefully examining every expenditure.  Itís very important that the new executives understand the importance and value of the captioning program to those who live with hearing loss.  No one can make that point more effectively than those who depend on the captions for news, especially late-breaking stories, weather, sports, and emergency information.  The future of real-time captioning is at stake.

Also, KATU-TV has a new General Manager. We will meet with him for the first time in January.  KATU is still the only station in Portland that uses real-time captions, and he needs to hear how and why this service so critical to our community.

Make your letters personal and from the heart.  Who uses captions in your household?  Why?  Is there one newscast you always try to catch or tape?  Was there a particular captioned news story that was of special significance to you?  For example, a weather emergency, a police roadblock in your area, or a medical report that made you take action?

Sponsorship decisions are generally made by March, but the budgeting, thinking, and evaluations are happening now.  Itís important that these companies begin to receive letters of support in January.  If you write to one or more of the companies, please send LNS a copy of your letter(s).  These statements of support can also be used effectively in our marketing materials to educate potential sponsors.  We thank you for your support of this program.

Letters should be addressed to:
Mr. Sam Duncan,  CEO
Fred Meyer Stores
PO Box 42121
Portland, Oregon  97242

Mr. Dave Olmsted, General Manager
2153 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon  97232

Ms. Judi Johansen
Pacific Power
825 NE Multnomah, #300
Portland, Oregon  97232

Copies to:  Ms. Darr Durham
LNS Captioning
2130 SW Jefferson, #200
Portland, Oregon  97201

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