Internet Resources Related to Hearing Loss:

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Internet Resources Related to Hearing Loss

This site contains a list of links to help you find information on hearing loss and related issues. Much of this information was gleaned from posts to the Beyond-Hearing e-mail discussion list. Visit the Beyond-Hearing website for information and links on a multitude of hearing loss issues, or better yet, find out how to join the list and others like it.

Please note: Businesses are listed here as an information service to consumers. WROCC cannot endorse any businesses or products listed here.


Hearing Loss Websites

Adaptive Technology and Technical Assistance

Includes computer/internet accessibility. See also Federal Law.

Captioning, Captioned Films, Real Time, C-Print, CART, CAN

Cochlear Implants

Companies Selling Assistive Devices

Catalogs are a great way to learn about assistive technology and what is available!

(the above section was updated 3/25/04)


Consumer Organizations and Consumer Web pages

ALDA-Association of Late Deafened Adults

Deaf Consumer Groups

IFHoH-International Federation of Hard of Hearing People

SHHH-Self Help for Hard of Hearing People

Beyond-Hearing Member Pages


Cued Speech

Deaf-Blind Information, Brailling

Developmental Disabilities

Our thanks to Trevor Storrs of ARC of Anchorage for these resources!

Administration On Developmental Disabilities
J.P. Das Developmental Disability Center
National Association of Developmental Disability Councils
Woman with Developmental Disabilities
Center for Disease Control
Developmental Disability Resource Center
MEDline Health Info
Woman with Developmental Disabilities
Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
Disability Resource
National ARC Association
Association for the Help of Retarded Children
Fragile X Syndrome
Little City Foundation

Federal Law, ADA, Accessibility Info, Federal Projects

Lists of links

Medical Issues