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Advisory Board Chosen

Advisory Board Members and Officers
Standing (left to right): Ramon Rodriguez, *Cindie Beaulaurier, *Ann Flannery, *Sheila Hitchen,
*Terry Gregersen, Evelyn Cederbaum, *Dian Jenkins, John Freeburg, *Daisy Cartwright
Kneeling: *Richard Bear, *Trevor Storrs, Martha Smith, Cheryl Davis, Merri Pearson
(* indicates Advisory Board member)

NWOC Chooses Advisory Board

The Northwest Outreach Center is pleased to announce the selection of its first advisory board. Members were chosen to represent not only each state in the four-state region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington), but also for their ability to provide expertise in and representation of the interests of vocational rehabilitation, postsecondary institutions (including employment settings, community colleges and four-year colleges), secondary programs, urban and rural settings, and deaf and hard-of-hearing consumer organizations.

The resulting advisory members represent the range of institutions and consumers served by NWOC. The members, by state, are:

The advisory board met in Seattle, Washington, just prior to the Region X Symposium on Rehabilitation and Deafness biennial conference. Ramon Rodriguez with the US Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Merri Pearson, the new director of the National Center on Deafness, and Evelyn Cederbaum, Associate Project Director with the Western Region Outreach Center & Consortia also provided input and insight into the PEPNet philosophy of service provision and technical assistance.

The advisory board's charge is to provide feedback to NWOC in the products we develop, assist in NWOC outreach and marketing efforts by spreading the word of products and services that are available to programs in their states, and to inform NWOC of training and technical assistance needs in their locale.

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