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WRIEC - Western Region Intrpreter Center

ASL Immersion (Annual Silent Weekend)

Program Location: Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR


Program Dates: July 17-19, 2015


Registration: Register NOW! Link is live and open here


Program Cost:

Rate $125 (Students: $100)

You can register anytime and also onsite.


Tenative Schedule and Layout: Silent Weekend Schedule DRAFT 2015


About the ASL Immersion Weekend:

The Western Region Interpreter Education Center and Western Oregon University are co-hosting the sixth annual Silent Weekend immersion experience at Western Oregon University, July 17-19.

There are opportunities to earn up to 1.9 CEUs during this weekend. If you are looking for some worthwhile workshops, some great entertainment, and a chance to sharpen your skills then Silent Weekend is for you!


Silent Weekend is conducted completely in American Sign Language (ASL). The event is for Deaf and hearing students, interpreters, interpreter educators, and ASL instructors. It is held at Western Oregon University during the summer.


Attendees can choose between workshops centered around professional development for interpreters (IPD) or aspiring interpreters or workshops focused on ASL linguistics and ASL skill improvement.

If you are looking for worthwhile workshops, great entertainment, and a chance to sharpen your skills, then this immersion experience is for you!

This will be the 7th year of the ASL Immersion Silent Weekend. This is a skill development activity over three days, conducted completely in ASL. This event brings on average 130 participants from all over the US.


Workshops Offered
Attendees can choose between professional development workshops centered around interpreters or aspiring interpreters or workshops focused on ASL linguistics and ASL skill improvement. We are partnering with students from the Masters in Interpreting Studies at WOU to present some workshops this year.

Some of the 2014 workshops were:

What'd Your Face Just Say? Intentional Prosody in ASL/English Interpreting
Beyond "It Depends": Employing Structured Supervision Sessions to Evaluate Interpreting Work

A Serene Approach to Fingerspelling Comprehension

Reducing Our Dependence on Initialized Signs

Facial Expressions and NonManual Signs

What Every Interpreter Should Know About Legal Settings

Visual Gestural Communication

Breaking Into Legal Interpreting


2015 workshop titles will be selected and announced mid-May.


What past participants say about the ASL Immersion Weekend:

"The camaraderie and energy of our (perfectly sized-both intimate & not too small) group was a pleasant surprise. I didn't think I'd make new friends like I did or bust a gut laughing, but I did. It was truly an inspiration - the entire weekend. I like most that I surprised myself while there. I am shy and still developing my skills, confidence and grasp of the field, transitioning from ITP as a working professional. Exploring a space with colleagues, interpreting students, ASL students, seasoned and professional interpreters, Deaf educators, CDIs and ASL & Interpreting instructors brought out a commonality I wasn't expecting that was not only special but very profound and immeasurably valuable. I came away with a renewed energy to continue doing what I love and for that I am extremely grateful & ready for next year!"

"Loved the amount of variety in programming."

"The workshops were EXCELLENT!! Honestly, some of the best I've had. The workshops were EXCELLENT!! Honestly, some of the best I've had. I enjoyed and benefited from this so much more... I loved having Deaf presenters who were very qualified to teach the subject, over hearing interpreters teaching that same topic. Everyone was so relaxed and friendly, it made the weekend such a pleasant experience! I plan to attend every year!"


"I will continue to think about what I learned. Interesting, fun, and applicable. Thanks!"


"I was thrilled to see this workshop offered at Silent Weekend! Great job on opening our eyes to a new topic!!"

"I will be back every year if possible!"

"Best one yet!"


Lodging Options:

Monmouth/Independence lodging is sparse and limited. Feel free to google options. Salem is 25 minutes away. We offer Silent Weekend participants on-campus housing in a newer residence hall (built in 2002). The rate is $40 PER NIGHT in Arbor Park (a Western Oregon University residence hall). All rooms include linens (pillow, fleece and cotton blankets, two sheets, towel and washcloth (one set/day). You have your own bedroom (1 of 4) with 2 shared baths and shared living space. We would match up to 3 others sharing/living in the space. Each unit has a sofa, coffee tables, couches, and kitchen (however, no pots, pans, utensils, plates, etc.). If you opt to stay on campus, you can name up to 3 other preferred roommates when you register.


Meal Options:
Monmouth and Independence do have off campus dining options however you may not want to trek out for each meal during the Silent Weekend immersion experience. We offer a $50 Meal Card in our on campus dining facility, Valsetz Dining Hall. There are different food stations (salad bar, sandwiches, wok/stir-fry, pizza, and some hot grill options, all buffet style).

The on campus meal card is $50. That includes Friday: Lunch & Dinner, Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, and Sunday: Breakfast. There are limited vegan and gluten-free options. *** Please note: If we do not have a minimum threshold of 40 folks who purchase the meal plan at Valsetz, Valsetz will not open during mealtimes. Meal dollars would be returned if that is the case. Also, folks cannot pay per meal or ala carte in the dining hall.

Off Campus Food Options:
Subway, Burgerville, Yang's Teriyaki, Koyote's (Mexican), Momiji's (sushi), a Chinese restaurant, a bagel shop and a Java Crew, a few pubs, a wine bar, and a pizza by-the-slice place as well.


Airport & Transportation Options to Monmouth: Word


More about Monmouth, Oregon Info

For more information regarding Silent Weekend, contact CM Hall at hallcm@wou.edu.



In July 2014, Western Oregon University hosted the fifth annual immersion weekend for sign language students, interpreter practitioners and interpreter educators. Participation spiked this year, with over 125 in attendance from 11 states, including, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Maryland, Nevada, Mississippi, and Washington DC. There were 19 professional development and skill-building workshops offered with Deaf and hearing presenters alike. There were also social and silent meals, ice-breakers and activities.


Silent Weekend ParticipantsA view from the workshop

Weekend is conducted in ASL.  Proficiency level preferred: ASL 6 (2 years proficiency) and above.





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