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Minor: Special Education/Rehabilitation Counseling (27 credits)

This undergraduate minor includes introductory coursework in special education and rehabilitation. Undergraduate students completing this minor have marketable skills for entry level positions in community and adult services for the disabled. They also are more prepared to enter graduate programs in special education and rehabilitation counseling.


To complete a program plan for this minor program, you must meet with:
Dr. Mickey Pardew, Division of Teacher Education.



Required Core courses (12)
SPED 200 Careers in Human Services* (3)
SPED 418 Survey of Special Education* (3)
INT 420 Deaf History: Social and Cultural Issues (3)
RC 432 Psychosocial and Environmental Aspects of Disability (3)


Choose at least 15 credits from the following courses:
ASL 101D ASL I (4)
ASL 102D ASL II (4)
ASL 103D ASL III (4)
ASL 201D ASL IV (4)
ASL 202D ASL V (4)
ASL 203D ASL VI (4)
ASL 301D ASL VII (4)
ASL 303D ASL IX (4)
ASL 440 Mental Health in Deaf Community (3)
INT 254 Introduction to the Profession of Interpreting (3)
INT 353 Linguistics of ASL (3)
INT 470 Deaf-Blind Interpreting (3)
RC 422 Medical and Functional Aspects of Disability in Rehabilitation (3)
RC 475 Hearing Loss and Assistive Technology (1)
TPD 456 First and Second Language Acquisition: Deaf and HH Children*** (3)
SPED 447 Partnerships in Special Education (WIC) (3)
SPED 486 Autism Issues and Strategies (3)
SPED 487 ASD Teaching Methods & Strategies (3)
SPED 488 ASD HF ASD & Asperger Disorder (3)
SPED 489 ASD HS/MS & Transition (3)
SPED 490 ASD Eligibility/Assessment/Consultation (3)
SPED 409** Practicum (3)
GERO 360 Cognitive & Physical Changes in Aging (4)
PSY 311 Developmental Psychology (4)
PSY 328 Mental Health (4)
PSY 349 Introduction to Behavior Modification (4)
PSY 423 Interviewing & Appraisal (4)
PSY 435 Theories of Personality (4)
PSY 450 Abnormal Psychology (4)
PSY 463 Childhood Psychopathology (4)
PSY 487 Cross Cultural Development (4)
Offered as "By Arrangement Only" (contact SPED/RC Minor Coordinator)
RC 409** Practicum (1-3)


*SPED 200 and SPED 418 should be the first courses taken in the Special Education/Rehabilitation Counseling minor.
** Limited to one 3 credit hour practicum in either RC and SPED.
*** The prerequisite for TPD 456 is: ASL 303 & INT 353 with a B or better, or Instructor approval
WIC = Writing Intensive Course


Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies

Cheryl Davis, Ph.D., Chair
Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies . 503-838-8053


Kathy Heide
Administrative Program Assist.
Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies . 503-838-8322

Regional Resource Center on Deafness


Cheryl Davis, Ph.D., Director
Regional Resource Center on Deafness . 503-838-8053


Konnie Sayers
Grants/Contracts Technician
Regional Resource Center on Deafness . 503-838-8444