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Interpreter Education Center

The Region X Interpreter Education Center (IEC) is a federally-funded grant that provides continuing education activities to interpreters in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. The IEC co-sponsors workshops on the process of interpreting, interpreting skills development, transliterating skills development, working with Deaf-Blind consumers, history of interpreting, ethics and decision making, Deaf culture, classifiers, and many more. Workshops have also been offered specifically for interpreter educat ors and for Deaf interpreters.


The IEC produces the Spotlight newsletter 2 times a year and distributes it to over 2100 interpreters, interpreter educators, and other interested parties. The Spotlight includes information about upcoming workshops and conferences, as well as information that is pertinent to people in the region. Past issues of the Spotlight have included information about the state RID chapters, recent recipients of RID certification, the lending library, and special workshops and events.


The IEC has a videotape and book library with more than 150 items that can be borrowed by interpreters throughout the region. The videotapes can be used for skills development practice or to learn more about Deaf culture, American Sign Language (ASL), and ASL linguistics.

The IEC has produced several telecourses on the following topics:
     Processed ASL-to-English Interpretation
     Processed English -to-ASL Interpretation
     Sign-to-Voice Interpreting
     Ethics and Decision Making for Interpreters
     Interpreting in Specialized A cademic Settings: Biology.

In addition, the IEC has produced the following videotapes:
     Russian Sign Language
     Education of the Deaf in Russia

     Language Use in ASL: Register
     Language Use in English: Register
     Secrets of Successful Presentations when Using Interpreters: Deaf Presenter,
        with Laurene Gallimore and Julie Simon, 1999
     Understanding Diversity in the Deaf Community: Mark Azure (Native American)
     Understanding Diversity in the Deaf Community: Laurene Gallimore (African American)
     Understanding Diversity in the Deaf Community: Liz Halperin (Deaf-Blind)
     Understanding Diversity in the Deaf Community: Mark Landreneau (Deaf-Blind)
     Understanding Diversity in the Deaf Community: Jessica Lee (Korean American)
     Understanding Diversity in the Deaf Community: Shaheena Shamim (Pakistani)
      Educational Interpreting Series, Region X Interpreter Education Center, WOU
        High School Level - Steven Simmon, Deaf Presenter
        High School Level: Diana Covell
        High School Level: Kim Mihan
        Middle School Level: John Covell
        Middle School Level: Todd Murano
        Elementary School Level: Heath Goodall

New videotapes will continue to be produced or purchased as funding permits.


Every Spring, during the third weekend in May, the IEC offers a workshop for ASL and Interpreting educators and trainers. This workshop brings together educators from throughout the western United States for a 3-day intensive workshop with a nationally recognized presenter. This workshop often focuses on new educational techniques that educators can use with their own students.


The IEC sponsors workshops for Deaf individuals who currently work as, or are interested in becoming, interpreters. These workshops cover topics such as ethics, role play, the interpreting process, relay interpreting, Deaf-Blind interpreting, and Deaf-He aring team interpreting.


The IEC works in conjunction with the Deaf Blind Service Center (DBSC) in Seattle, WA to provide training to interpreters who want to work with Deaf-Blind consumers. Training is provided in the form of mentorships and workshops.  For more information, contact Jackie Engler-Morris at

If you would like additional information about the Region X IEC, please contact:

Dr. Julie Simon, Coordinator
Region X Interpreter Education Center
Western Oregon University
345 N. Monmouth Ave., RRCD
Monmouth, Oregon 97361

Phone (503) 838 - 8731 v/tty
           (503) 838 - 8228 fax

E-mail address:

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