Sound Effect Stories

String instruments are amazing at reproducing natural and unnatural sounds. Here are some categories of sound effects to get you started on your very own sound effect story.  Use your best instrument posture and bow hold while working on these to reinforce good playing habits.

Animal sounds: cow, spider, shark, kitty cat, agitated kitty, skydive kitty, bat, human crying., A A B B F# F# A  ETC. A A B B hiD hiD C#

Environment sounds: rain, wind, footsteps, creaky door, knocking, tea kettle, car tires screeching, water drop, you know lots of interesting body sounds.

Machines: emergency vehicle [siren], tic-toc of clocks, race car accelerating through gears, train crossing and horn.

Please don’t harm innocent kitty cats in your stories. Pretty please.



means to slide your left fingers which makes the pitch go up ↑ to the bridge, or down ↓ to the scroll. Cello and Bass will understand after they try this, that up to the bridge actually feels down towards the floor, but the pitch adjustment is what matters, not gravity.

When you shorten the string between a left hand finger and bridge, pitch goes ↑. When you lengthen the string  between bridge and finger, pitch goes ↓.

Try this on the A string (G string basses). Place your 2nd finger halfway up the string, and as soon as you bow that string, slide the pitch ↓ towards the scroll. You should hear the MEow of a kitty. Slide the other way towards the ↑bridge. You should hear what we think of as a water drop. Combine the two sounds with long steady bows for an emergency siren.