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School Health Education

Promoting healthy lifestyles and communities.


Professor: Jessica Henderson

Associate Professor: Peggy Pedersen

Assistant Professor: Daniel Lopez-Cevallos


School Health Education 77 credits


Required Core Courses 25 credits

Note: Complete the following courses with a grade of C- or better before being

considered for acceptance into the School Health Education major.


Mth 105 (BA only) or Mth 111 (BS) 4

BI 102 General Biology 4

BI 234 Anatomy and Physiology 4

BI 235 Anatomy and Physiology 4

BI 236 Anatomy and Physiology 4

HE 227 Community and Public Health 4


Required School Health Education Core 52 credits

HE 385 Foundations of Health Education 4

HE 375 Epidemiology 4

HE 445 Best Practice in ATOD and Sexuality Education 4

HE 496 School Health Programs: Methods and Materials 4

HE 473 Biometrics and Research Methods 4

HE 487 Assessment and Program Evaluation 4

HE 471 Program Planning 4


Electives – minimum of 20 credits from HE 24


Professional Education Core 48 - 50



Classes required in the major may not meet minor requirements.

Total credit hours required for graduation: 180 (62 undergraduate)

Academic major: minimum of 36 upper division credit hours

Academic minor: minimum of 12 upper division credit hours


Division of Health and Exercise Science
College of Education
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, OR 97361

Fax: 503-838-8370

Phone: 503-838-8908

Diana McAlpine
Administrative Program Assistant

Peggy Pedersen, Ph.D.
Division Chair