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    I grew up in Ramsey, New Jersey with three brothers. Two of my brothers have disabilities and provided me with a life long interest in special education. I graduated from a prep school in Northampton Massachusetts and college in Elmira New York. After college I moved away from the busy East coast and spent four years in North Dakota while my husband served in the Air Force. I completed my Master's degree at the University of North Dakota in Counseling with an emphasis in early childhood education and family counseling. After traveling for a year we moved to Monmouth, Oregon in 1974. I worked for six years as a Child Development Specialist and then took some time off to be a parent. In 1985 I came to Western Oregon University to earn a Special Education teaching license and ended up adding a PhD (joint school of education with WOSC and OSU). I have been here ever since. I love working at Western and I love living in Oregon. I am a widow and enjoy spending time listening to my sons' music.

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