PE 470


T-Th – 3:00 - 4:20  - NPE 113 - Fall 2005

Instructor:  Dr. Robert Hautala  NPE 207-B  -  838-8262

Office Hours:  T – Th  8:30-9:30

             W                    2:00-3:00


Course Description


A study of the social and psychological factors associated with physical activity and sport experiences across the lifespan.


Course Objectives:


At the conclusion of this course, students will demonstrate the ability to:


A.  Identify foundational social theories, philosophies and processes as related to human movement

B.  Broaden one’s perspective relative to diverse social groups within the context of sport and exercise.

C.  Discuss the roles, responsibilities, and influences of various social institutions on physical activity and sport.

D.  Identify the impact human movement forms and sport have had on American life and world societies in general.

E.  Discuss leadership behaviors and how they are formed within the context of sport and physical activity.

F.  Discuss various methods of psychological skills training used to enhance performance.

G.  Discuss theories of personality and psychological well-being issues.

H.  Identify theories and processes for behavior change, promotion, and retention as related to sport performance.

I.  Describe the competitive process in athletics, how it affects participants, and related coping strategies.





Assignments and Evaluations:


        Assignment                    %age

        Journal Abstracts (2)          20

        Team Presentations             30

        Classroom Reactions            10

        Mid-term Exam  Nov 23rd         20

        Final Exam  Dec. 5th - 2:00 -4:00 20


Description of Assignments:


Abstracts - “What?” “How?” “What?” “What Next?”


Two abstracts of journal articles dealing with two different sociological or psychological issues are assigned.  The first should be from a non-research journal (e.g. Sports Illustrated, Sport, a running magazine, a coaching magazine, Time, Newsweek, etc.).  The second should be an article from a research journal that is reporting research (Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Sociology of Sport, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, etc.)


Abstracts should be two pages – double-spaced, with the citation information (APA style) included as a single-spaced heading at the top.  Content of the abstracts will be discussed in class.

                                Due dates:    Abstract 1 – Oct 5th

                                         Abstract 2 – Nov 9th



You will be a member of a team that will make three presentations to the class on topics that will be further discussed in this course.  Your specific presentation topics, formats and dates will be selected in class.  Connecting your topics to a historical perspective and to various theoretical approaches in sociology and/or psychology, and the use of visual aids, demonstrations, A-V material, etc. are strongly encouraged.


Classroom Reactions


You will be regularly asked, both individually and as part of your academic team, to respond to points made during class (lectures, films, presentations), giving your opinions on the issues discussed and your arguments to support these opinions.


Late assignments will have 10 points deducted for each day late.  Missed examinations may not be made up, unless a student has discussed their difficulty with me prior to the scheduled due date.



Evaluations will cover both text and class discussion material.  Regular attendance will be necessary


Risk of Injury/ Accommodation for Disabilities Statement


Inherent risks are associated with participation in any form of physical activity.  These risks include, but are not limited to: heart attack, heat illness, head injuries, bone fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains, superficial cuts, and bruises.  These injuries may be caused by poor fitness levels, accidental falls, misuse of equipment, unexpected contact, upset of balance, or being hit by a projectile (e.g., ball, Frisbee, hoop).  If you sustain an injury in class, regardless of the severity, report it to me immediately.


If you have a current physical or disabling condition that may limit your participation in class, please advise me of your status and contact the Office of Disability Service (APSC 405 – ext 88250) to establish any needed accommodations.