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I grew up in a fishing village in Southeast Alaska before moving away to go to college. I majored in mathematics education and taught high school mathematics in Bellingham, Washington, for five years. While teaching, my passions were geometry, technology integration, and celebrating Pi Day every March 14th!

In April 2008, I finished my Ph.D. in mathematics education at Oregon State University where I researched how pre-service teachers learn to teach mathematics with technology. I love teaching at Western Oregon University because the students are creative and fun, the faculty is friendly and accessible, and there is no place more wonderful than the Willamette Valley .

Outside of teaching and learning mathematics, I enjoy gardening, swimming, biking and watching the Pittsburgh Steelers win football games. Please visit 165 Education Hall any time if you want to talk math or play with my math toys, puzzles, and games. My office is always a place where being “math-cool” is embraced and encouraged.

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