Division of Health and Physical Education



PE 371 – Kinesiology & Lab                                    Instructor:      Dr. Brian Caster

Fall Term, 2005

CRN 10903 & 10904(lab)                                            Office:             NPE 219

Time:  MWF:     1:00-1:50 pm                                       Phone:            (503)838-8364

          M:           2:00-2:50 pm (lab)                              e-mail:             casterb@wou.edu

Location:  Std 102b                                                     Office Hrs:      MWF 10:00 – 11:00 am

                                                                                                            WF     2:00 – 3:00 pm



Prerequisite:      Completion of Bi 334 (Human Anatomy & Physiology)


Course Description:   Kinesiology is the study of human movement from the

perspectives of musculoskeletal anatomy and biomechanics.  Anatomical kinesiology addresses the interactions among joint structure and muscle function.  Biomechanical concepts to be addressed include vector representation of muscle force, Newton's Laws, and calculations of work, power and energy in the context of human movement.


Required text:           Thompson & Floyd (2004). Manual of Structural Kinesiology

                             (15th edition).

Reserve References:

      Luttgens, Deutsch & Hamilton (2002) Kinesiology: Scientific Basis of Human Motion

      Luttgens & Wells (1976). Kinesiology: Scientific Basis of Human Motion

     Kreighbaum & Barthels (1990) Biomechanics: A Qualitative Approach...

     McGinnis (1999).  Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

     Adrian & Cooper (1989). Biomechanics of Human Movement

      Rasch (1989). Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy

      Calais-Germain (1993). Anatomy of Movement    

      Thompson & Floyd (1994). Manual of Structural Kinesiology


General Overview: This course has two content areas: Anatomical Kinesiology and Biomechanics. These two aspects of kinesiology are interwoven throughout the course.

      Anatomical kinesiology will be approached by examining major body joints and muscles that act at those joints with emphsis on interaction among musculoskeletal structures.  The student is expected to bring to this class a thorough knowledge of the location and attachment sites of major muscles in the body. Students should begin immediate review of the muscles and their attachments as identified in this syllabus. 

      Basic biomechanics will be presented concurrently with anatomical kinesiology. There will be a strong emphasis on vector application and associated mathematical tools in the representation of forces internal and external to the body. 

      A schedule of presentations, labs, exams and other assignments follows.


            Midterm #1                                          25%

            Midterm #2                                          25%

            Labs, quizzes, analysis assignments    25%

            Final examination                                 25%


Each graded item will have a point value.  Total points accrued for a given grading category will be divided by total possible points for that category, the resulting percentage value weighted in the manner prescribed above.  Letter grades will be assigned to your overall percentage grade as follows (decimal values of .5 and greater will be rounded up):

A: 93-100   A-: 90-92   B+: 88-89   B: 83-87     B-: 80-82

C+: 78-79  C: 73-77      C-: 70-72   D+: 68-69  D: 63-67  D-: 60-62  F: 0-59



PE 371 - Kinesiology

2005 Fall Term Schedule (Modification/updates announced in class)


WEEK 1        M             Bookkeeping items, Introduction, Terminology

                     M-Lab      Joint/Muscle Function Worksheet

                     W            Muscles and Bones; Planes and Axes; joint motion terms

                     F             Scapular muscles & actions


WEEK 2       M             Muscle fiber types, arrangements, contraction types, Line of Pull

                     M-Lab      Quiz (Scapular muscle function) Shoulder Girdle Analysis

                     W            ROM; Muscle force-velocity, force-length relationships           

                 F             Types of motion , Motor unit propriception


WEEK 3        M             Elbow & Wrist Joint Function, Musculature

                 M-Lab      Quiz (Elbow muscle function); Elbow, Wrist, Hand Analysis

                     W            Intro to vectors; Graphic vector composition & resolution                                                       F                 Glenohumeral muscles & actions


WEEK 4        M             Vector composition & resolution, cont.

                     M-Lab      Quiz (Glenohumeral muscle function); Shoulder Joint Analysis

                     W            Review for Midterm    

                     F             ***Midterm #1***


WEEK 5        M             Trunk muscles & joint actions; Pelvic actions; Hip Flexors/Extensors

                     M-Lab      Trunk & Pelvis Analysis

                     W          Levers and Torque Calculations

                     F             Hip muscles & actions 


WEEK 6        M             Lever Types

                     M-Lab      Quiz (Hip muscle function); Hip joint analysis

                     W            Levers, cont.

                     F             Knee joint muscles & actions


WEEK 7        M             Knee, Ankle, Foot relationships

                     M-Lab      Quiz (Knee muscle function); Knee joint analysis

                     W            Torque problems, Ankle Joint muscles & actions

                     F             Veteran’s Day – No Classes             


WEEK 8        M             Lower Extremity energy transfer

                     M-Lab      Quiz (Ankle joint muscle function); Ankle/Foot Analysis

                     W            Review for Midterm

                     F             ***Midterm #2 ***



                     M             Phases of Motion; Intro to Full Body Analysis

                     M-Lab      Full Body Analysis

                     W            Full Body Analysis

                     F             Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes



                 M          Full Body Analysis

                     M-Lab      Full Body Anlaysis                                             

                     W          Catch-up & Review; Full Body Analysis                   

                     F             Review for Final; Full Body Analysis Due


WEEK 11     F          *** Final Exam -  10:00am – 12:00noon, Friday, Dec 9 ***