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The mission of the Division of Health and Physical Education is to promote healthy, active lifestyles and to

 enhance the academic preparation of future professionals.


PE 217 – Teach Weight Training and Conditioning

Fall Term, 2005  (CRN 10885 – 2cr)                            Instructor:      Dr. Brian Caster

Time:  MWF: 11:00-11:50 pm                                     

Location:  Stadium 101                                                Office:             NPE 219

                                                                                     Phone:            (503)838-8364

                                                                                     e-mail:             casterb@wou.edu

                                                                                     Office Hrs:      MWF 10:00 – 11:00 am

                                                                                                            WF     2:00 – 3:00 pm


Course Description:   This course is designed to expose students to a variety of training methodologies, philosophies and applications.  The emphasis is to prepare students with an adequate knowledge base in the area of resistance exercise so they may write prescriptive training regimens for specific performance areas.


Reserve References:

      Aaberg (1998) Muscle Mechanics

      Baechle & Earle, eds. (2000) ­Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning (2nd ed)

      Baechle & Groves (1998) Weight Training: Steps to Success

      Calais-Germain (1993) Anatomy of Movement (under PE 483)

      Chu (1996) Explosive Power & Strength : Complex training for maximum results

      Thompson & Floyd (1994). Manual of Structural Kinesiology (under PE 483)


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will:


1. Demonstrate competence in instruction of a wide range of strength and conditioning exercises.

2. Demonstrate appropriate attention to safety issues while instructing strength and conditioning exercises.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of developmental issues as they relate to strength and conditioning programming.

4. Demonstrate competence in exercise plan development appropriate to meeting specific exercise outcomes ranging from general health benefits to performance specific applications.

5. Understand requirements of certifications available to strength and conditioning professionals and how to pursue a knowledge base necessary to achieving certification.



            Article Reviews             25%                                        

            Exercise Instruction                 20%

            Instruction Critique                  15%

            Exercise Plan #1                       15%

            Exercise Plan #2                       25%

            Quizzes                                    15%


Each graded item will have a point value.  Total points accrued for a given grading category will be divided by total possible points for that category, the resulting percentage value weighted in the manner prescribed above.  Letter grades will be assigned to your overall percentage grade as follows (decimal values of .5 and greater will be rounded up):

A: 93-100   A-: 90-92   B+: 88-89   B: 83-87     B-: 80-82

C+: 78-79  C: 73-77      C-: 70-72   D+: 68-69  D: 63-67  D-: 60-62  F: 0-59




PE 217 – Day 1 Outline


I.                     Introductions, Syllabus Review

II.                   Index Card information:

a.       Name

b.      E-mail address

c.       Year in college

d.      Major/Minor

e.       Professional Objectives

f.        Movement background

g.      Strength Training, Conditioning, Fitness background

III.                  Strength Training, Fitness Conditioning:  Who needs it?

IV.                Add to index card: 

h.      To what group do you most see yourself teaching weight training/conditioning?

V.                  Exercise Selection:  Balance and Symmetry








PE 217 – Teach Weight Training and Conditioning

2005 Fall Term Schedule (Modification/updates announced in class)


WEEK 1        M             Syllabus, Course Format, Resources, Background survey

                     W            Basic Principles

                     F             Peer Instruction:  Warm-up; Basic 6 +


WEEK 2       M             10 RM on Basic 6

                     W            Overload principle; Basic musculoskeletal anatomy.            

                 F             Peer Instruction:  Ancillary Exercises


WEEK 3        M            

                     W            Journal Article search & review – Meet in Library Computer Classroom (107)

                    F             Peer Instruction:


WEEK 4        M            


                     F             Peer Instruction:


WEEK 5        M            


                     F             Peer Instruction:         


WEEK 6        M            


                     F             Peer Instruction:


WEEK 7        M            


                     F             Veteran’s Day – No Classes             


WEEK 8        M            


                     F             Peer Instruction:


WEEK 9        M            


                     F             Thanksgiving Holiday – No Classes


WEEK 10    M                                               


                     F             Peer Instruction:


WEEK 11     F          *** Final Exam -  10:00am – 12:00 noon, Monday, Dec 5th ***