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After School Tutoring Programs

Looking for a rewarding volunteer experience with kids in local schools? Want to beef up your resume to help qualify for admission to the Western Oregon University College of Education? Local schools, the College of Education, and the WOU Service Learning and Career Development Center are partnered to give you opportunities to gain experience working one-on-one with K-12 students. Placements are available at a variety of sites throughout our local communities and college class schedules can be accommodated.


Who is eligible
Any WOU student can apply for the advertised opportunities. Preference is given to pre-education candidates who plan to apply to a teacher education program. Note that tutors must be able to arrange their own transportation to their volunteer site, although some car pool options may be available.

Link: Data for WOU students engaged in tutoring, fall 2011

•     Receive instruction that prepares you for your tutoring responsibilities.
•     Work with experienced school employees who can provide support for you.
•     Develop valuable experience working with bilingual students.
•     Select a schedule that works with your university class schedule.
•     Be eligible for paid positions through federal work study or private party tutoring.
•     Complete your term as tutor before final exams start.
•     Receive a certificate of recommendation from the district for your resume/portfolio.
•     Meet part of the College of Education admission requirements for the teacher education work experience.


Program hours and evaluation system
The time commitment for these opportunities is unique to each site and program. Please see available opportunities in Wolf Link which includes details for specific sites currently hiring or looking for volunteers.


Each tutor reports to the school's site coordinator, who answers questions and evaluates the tutor at the end of each term using the After-school Tutor Evaluation form. During the evaluation the site coordinator recommends whether the tutor should continue tutoring, based on performance and behavior.  


School district options

  • Central School District
    • Central School District has partnered with WOU for years providing tutoring opportunities at every level (elementary, middle and high). We have a diverse population, many of whom are second language learners and the schools are located within 5 minutes of the university.
  • Dallas School District
    • Dallas School District has a strong K-12 literacy mission. Our school organization is a bit unique in that we have two K-3 schools with a dedicated mission of learning to read. The upper elementary school (4-5), our middle school, and high school continue support for learning to read while also emphasizing content learning.

      Our FWS funds are largely used to fund reading buddies or reading tutors, and we have developed successful materials for these roles that positively impact student learning.

      Our non-tutorial FWS funds are largely used to hire support setting up for athletic events. These positions involve working with coaches and our athletic director to prepare for practices and games.

      For more information, contact field service coordinator, Todd Baughman, at
  • Falls City School District
    • Falls City School District is a very unique place to work and/or volunteer. We have a wide variety of academic levels and a high special education population. Our K-12 has about 170 students. It is a great way to start your comparison of small schools vs. large schools. Our students love to meet new people and soak in every bit of knowledge they can from college students. Our small student population allows you to notice when you make a difference in a child's life.
  • Salem-Keizer School District
    • Salem-Keizer School District is the second-largest district in the state and offers a wide variety of elementary, middle, high, and charter schools.  Our diverse population allows tutors to gain valuable experience. Our focus is on partnering with the community to create lifelong learners.

Steps to apply

  1. After receiving your financial aid award letter, verify that you have received federal work study funds.
    • If you have received funds, you may begin searching for paid tutoring positions under the work study section in Wolf Link.
    • If you have not received federal work study funds, there is a chance that you could still qualify for these funds. To find out if you do qualify, contact the WOU Financial Aid Office at or call 503-838-8475 or 1-877-877-1593.
    • If you have not received federal work study funds, wish to not receive these funds, or if you are using these funds for a different position, you may proceed to apply for a tutoring position but you need to look in the volunteer or general section in Wolf Link.
  1. Search Wolf Link for available tutoring positions.
  1. Find a tutoring position that works for your schedule and your transportation needs and apply. Follow specific instructions in each listing for details on how to apply. This may include submitting a resume, filling out an application, etc.
  1. Follow position specific directions for next steps in application process (i.e., wait to be contacted, interview, etc.)
  1. Once assigned to a tutoring position, attend any applicable training, fill out necessary paperwork, and begin volunteering/working. Some programs may have a minimum time of service so please be sure to read each position description carefully.
  1. Give at least two weeks notice before your last day of volunteering/working. More notice is always appreciated as you play a very important role in the tutoring programs.
  1. Obtain a completed After-school Tutor Evaluation form from your site coordinator to include in your College of Education application.

Questions? Contact Rachel Hermanson at 


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