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Commendations from NCATE

Excerpts from the report:


  • What is evident throughout the program is the faculty’s true belief in the tenants of their conceptual framework; truly they “walk the talk.”
  • Candidate performance in all programs is aligned with the conceptual framework and professional standards of the field (INTASC and NBPTS) by virtue of the proficiencies adopted by the Oregon TSPC, and when appropriate, it mirrors discipline-specific standards from professional associations such as CEC, NCTE, NCTM, NCSS, IRA, and TESOL.
  • The WOU Teacher Work Sample methodology has long provided an effective way to monitor candidates’ ability to analyze the teaching/learning context, set goals, plan and assess instruction, adapt instruction to meet individual needs of students, and reflect on their own work. The process has remained basically the same, while methods of assessment have changed, each based on perceived need, and with careful thought toward excellence.
  • WOU COE employs content area specialist faculty members who nurture and support teacher candidates.
  • Candidates in both the undergraduate, SPED, ESOL, and MAT programs as well as recent graduates of the programs relate numerous instances of faculty support with issues and challenges that they face in the field.  In some cases, this communication is still taking place after graduation.
  • The unit provides evidence of a commitment to diversity. The university and the unit are continually working to increase the diversity or the faculty and the candidates, from the President down to the candidate level.
  • Based on interviews, faculty strive to integrate diversity and technology throughout their teaching.
  • The professional education faculty, at both the undergraduate and advanced level, has demonstrated consistent research agendas. Unit faculty, 21 out of 25, have over the past five years published 89 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and 100 percent of the faculty participated in 326 presentations at international, national and state conferences.
  • The faculty of WOU possesses the qualifications and experience required to implement a highly effective teacher preparation program.
  • The COE actively involves tenure-track, term, and adjunct faculty in improving programs for the purpose of ensuring that candidates are prepared to help students learn.

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