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COE Peer Mentoring Committee (PRC)



“Mentoring is a lifelong process…a powerful institutional strategy for personalizing individual faculty development. Most important, mentoring is a philosophy about people and how critical they are to an organization” (Luna and Cullen, 2003).


Mentoring Program Mission Statement:


To facilitate the successful orientation and professional development of faculty at Western Oregon University.


Mentoring in a university setting allows more experienced and knowledgeable faculty to assist newer faculty to become more proficient in their activities related to teaching, scholarship, and service.  In keeping with the classic definition of a mentor as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher, Western Oregon University (WOU) mentors are experienced faculty members who volunteer and who are selected on the basis of their ability to serve as a resource and a positive role model for those seeking tenure and promotion.


Mentoring at WOU will require a firm commitment and a willingness to invest some time and energy from both the mentor and the mentee.  The mentoring relationship will require a specifically articulated agreement that includes expectations, specific goals and a structure to keep it going.  It is preferable that mentors do not directly supervise and/or formally evaluate mentees.


Mentoring Program Description


Mentoring Program Contract


2015-2016 Committee Members:

Bob Hautala, EdD: Associate Professor in the Division of Health and Exercise Science (HEXS)

Amber Feist, Ph.D: Assistant Professor in the Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies (DSPS)

Alicia Wenzel, Ph.D: Assistant Professor in the Division of Teacher Education (DTE)


Mentors and Mentees:


HEXS Marita Cardinal Natlie DeWitt (3rd Year, Portfolio)
  Brian Caster Jennifer Taylor (2nd Year, Portfolio)
  Gay Timken Emily Vala-Haynes (2nd Year, Portfolio)
  Kathy Farrell Brandon Claggett (1st Year, Induction)
DSPS Julia Smith Amber Feist (3rd Year, Portfolio)
    Mike Olivier (3rd Year, NTT)
  Chung Fan Ni Sarah Hewlett (3rd Year, NTT)
  Amanda Smith Patrick Graham (2nd Year, Portfolio)
  Julia Smith Denise Thew-Hackett (1st Year, Induction)
DTE Chloe Hughes Cindy Ryan (5th Year, Portfolio)
  Mary Bucy Greg Zobel (4th Year, Portfolio)
  Marie LeJeune Melanie Landon-Hayes (3rd Year, Portfolio)
  Carmen Caceda Xiaopeng Gong (2nd Year, Portfolio)