Technological Requirements for admitted ASL/English Interpreting students


You will need to have access to broadband/high speed internet at home, and/or school to complete your assignments. As you complete your assignments, you may need to upload rather large files (including video or podcast files), which would be extremely slow and unreliable using a dial-up connection.


To succeed in this program, you should have mastered how to use a browser (like Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) to explore the Web and you should be comfortable with loading, editing and saving files to your hard drive, locating and downloading files (including images and video) from the Web, and moving files up to a Web application from your hard drive. You will need to be able to read and follow directions and to work independently within time constraints. We will be primarily using Moodle for your access to information, and for your submission of work.

Recommended Technology Tools


To access Moodle and course content, you must have the following minimum specifications:

In order to create the necessary materials for assignment submissions, you will additionally need access to videorecording equipment and software that will allow you to edit, save as .mp4, and upload to Moodle (or some other video uploading site like youtube or vimeo) for sharing with classmates and instructor.

We highly recommend a Mac based computer and/or laptop with built-in videocamera and installed video editing equipment (iMovie).

If you do not have a Mac, we recommend a combination of a high quality webcam that allows for recording signed language, and video software (e.g., Windows Movie Maker – installed on most PC computers running Windows).

You will be required to watch and record video/audio. An integrated sound card, external speakers, and an external microphone may be necessary.


To ensure access with faculty throughout the coursework, Skype and/or Google Hangout are required. Be sure that you are comfortable with using this software, have accounts, and other necessary equipment (webcam or built-in videocamera).


To view or access course content, you may need one or more of the following, depending on the type of content posted in the course:



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