How to create a backup file of your Moodle course which can be downloaded and saved to a computer.

*Note: You may use the backup method to restore a course from a different Moodle site. When you are reusing course content from the same Moodle site, you should use the “import” method.



  1. Firstly, Find and open the Moodle course you want to backup
  2. Then go to the “Administration” block (left side)
  3. Select the “Backup” option
  4. Review the list of course settings:
    1. Select the checkboxes of components to include in the backup
    2. Deselect the checkboxes of components not to include in the backup
  5. To move to step “2. Schema settings” select “Next”
  6. By default, course components will be selected with a check mark
  7. To deselect components to exclude from the backup file click on the checkbox
  8. Then to move to step “3. Confirmation and review” select “Next”
  9. Under the “Filename” section enter a preferred name for the backup file
    1. Example: ED1XX Fall 2016 Backup File.mbz

      Important Note
      : You must retain the .mbz at the end of the filename or the system will begin the backup process over again.
  10. Next, under “Backup settings” determine that all preferred components are selected
    Want to go back and change settings? Select the“Previous” button
  11. Select “Perform backup”
  12. Upon completion, the status will display “The backup file was successfully created.”
  13. Then select “Continue” and then navigate to the “Course backup area” section
  14. Select the “Download” link that corresponds to the backup you performed
  15. Lastly, you can locate your backup file in your “Downloads” folder on your computer