An outcome is a statement which measures a student’s specific understanding within an activity.

Outcomes are separate from the activity grade. If outcomes are enabled within an activity, the instructor will need to complete traditional grading and the outcome. Outcomes are rated by scales, and the scales are created separate from the outcomes; this is covered by a separate tutorial: “How to create a custom scale”

  1. Open the Moodle course
  2. Go to the “Course administration” block (left side) and select “Outcomes”
  3. Select the “Edit outcomes” tab (second row under outcomes)
  4. Select the “Add a new outcome” button
  5. Enter a “Full name” for the outcome which will be visible to students
  6. Enter the “Short name” of the outcome
  7. Select the desired scale
  8. Enter an optional description of the outcome
  9. When finished select “Save changes” (bottom of page)

To learn how to enable an outcome for an activity, visit the “How to enable an outcome in a activity” tutorial.