How to create a group override for an activity


This tutorial illustrates how to override the original settings of a course component (i.e. quiz or lesson) to make exceptions for a specific group. Capabilities of a group override include requiring an entry password, setting the open and close date for a group, enabling a specific
time limit, and delineating the number of attempts allowed.


  1. Open the Moodle course
  2. Find and select the component (i.e. quiz or lesson) you want to set a group override for
  3. Go to the “Administration” block and select “Group overrides” (second option)
  4. Select “Add group override” (top left corner)
  5. Select the target group from the “Override group” drop down menu (see image below)
  6. Input an entry password for users in the “Require password” box (if applicable)
  7. Select the “Enable” checkbox for the “Open the [activity]” (right side)
  8. Set the date and time the activity will open
  9. Select the “Enable” checkbox for the “Close the [activity]” setting (right side)
    10. Set the date and time the activity will close
    11. Select the “Enable” checkbox for the “Time limit” setting (right side)
    12. Set a time limit for the activity (if applicable)
    13. Select a number of “Attempts allowed” for the activity
    14. Select “Save” or “Save and enter another override” (bottom of page)