How to create group activities within a Moodle course.

It is important to note that to enable group mode at the activity level you must have groups created at the course level; this is covered in a separate tutorial: href=””>Creating Groups

  1. Open the Moodle course
  2. Select “Turn editing on” (top right corner)
  3. Go to a module (e.g. week) and select “Add an activity or resource” (bottom right corner)
  4. From the “Activity chooser” choose a component from the “Activities” section
  5. Press the “Add” button to display the activity settings page
  6. Enter all the required information denoted by a red asterisk
  7. Tailor the activity settings per your preferences
  8. Review and tailor the “Group submission settings”
  9. Go to “Common module settings” and change “Group mode” to either “Separate groups” or Visible groups”
  10. When you’ve finished tailoring the activity settings select “ Save and return to course” or “Save and display” (bottom of page)