How to create a custom grading rubric to assess student assignments.

  1. Open the Moodle course
  2. Locate and select the assignment link
  3. Go to the “Administration” block (left side) and select “Advanced grading”
  4. Select the “Change active grading method to” drop down menu option “Rubric”
  5. To create a rubric select the “Define new grading form from scratch” option
  6. Enter a title for the rubric in the “Name” text box
  7. By default an empty rubric will display
  8. To edit the criteria, select the “Click to edit criterion” section
  9. To edit the level description, select “Click to edit level” section
  10. To edit the point total, select the “[#] points” tag located under “Click to edit level
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep the lowest point value as “0” for each criterion; otherwise, you may find the points don’t add up correctly in the gradebook.
  11. To add a new point level for a criterion press “Add level” (right side of rubric)
  12. To add a new grading criteria select “Add criterion” (below rubric)
  13. Review and tailor the the “Rubric options” to your preferences (bottom of page)
  14. When complete, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Save rubric and make it ready” or “Save as a draft