Access the basic settings of your course.

  1. Open the course to its main page
  2. Find and navigate to the “Administration” Block
  3. Select the “Edit Settings” option in the administration block (image below)
  4. Navigate to the “General” category (First category) of the edit course settings page
  5. Verify the “Course Category” is set to the correct term (ex: “Fall 2016”) and “Visible” tab is set to “Show” when navigating through the course settings
  6. Navigate to the second category, “Description”. Within this section the instructor can type a description of the course.
  7. Navigate to the third category, “Course Format.” This section allows the instructor to select the format of the course, the number of sections, hidden sections preference, and the course layout.
  8. Navigate to the fourth category “Appearance”. This section allows the instructor to select the language of the course, news items to be shown, whether students can see the gradebook, and the option to view activity reports.
  9. The following categories enable certain features for the instructor’s course. “File and Uploads” allows the instructor to set a maximum upload size for students. “Completion Tracking” allows student to track completions of assignments and activities.
  10. “Groups” and “Role Renaming” are the last two categories in edit course settings page.
  11. The “Groups” category allows the instructor to enable a group format for the course structure.
  12. The “Role renaming” category allows the instructor to rename certain terms and labels of the course to their own preferred terms.