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Newsletter – August 2014

UCS has been working very diligently on the Data Warehouse over the past month. We’ve been adding data to the warehouse, revising the warehouse’s structure, optimizing financial data, generating reports, and integrating the warehouse with some third party applications.

Here are some of the things that our warehouse team has been working on:

Richard Kavanagh

PROGRAMMER ANALYST, Dimensional model expert kimball rules expert, odi guru

  • Added cumulative GPA, prior school attended, high school subjects taken, and prior degrees earned to the Data Warehouse
  • Working on 4th Week data

Nick Miller

PROGRAMMER ANALYST, BANNER Finance & Human Resources Expert, Cognos Framework Guru

  • Partitioned all of the Finance tables by fiscal year
  • Optimizing Athletics reports
  • Working on Calculated Columns
    • Permanent Budget Adjustments for the Operating Ledger is now in Development
    • Sorting and Account Code groups for IFC purposes is now in Development
  • In the process of bringing in General Ledger Data

Shea Hawes

Programmer Analyst, BANNER Student Expert, Student Modeler Guru

  • Added new dimensions and cubes to the Data Warehouse for
    • Admissions
    • Advisors
    • Benefits/Deductions
    • Retirement
    • Review/Salary Eligibility Date
    • Generated a few smaller reports

Max Chartier

Data Architect, BANNER Human Resources Expert, Cognos Reports Guru

  • Developing reports for Finance, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Graduate Office, and the Business Office
    • 8 new reports are now in production and more are waiting in QA for validation
  • Feeding data from the Data Warehouse to two third party applications, GradesFirst and CollegeNET, owned by Academic Advising and Academic Affairs, respectively

Jared Petersen

Student Programmer, Cognos Report Developer, Honors Student

  • Programmed the Data Dictionary
  • Currently adding information to the Data Dictionary
  • Wrote documentation for Cognos Report Scheduling
  • Updated the website

Newsletter – July 2014

Welcome to the Data Warehouse Newsletter

July 2014

As the Data Warehouse grows, UCS endeavors to keep all warehouse users updated with new data, new features and changes as they arise. This monthly newsletter is the beginning of that regular communication. It will also be posted to our WordPress site (click any of the links above to get there).

We are also actively working on a Data Dictionary. The Data Dictionary will allow all warehouse users to see the “definitions” of each star, cube, dimension and column. This will include the source system and column(s), as well as notes and special details when using specific columns of data.

Members of the Warehouse team have visited people in various areas on campus. We verified that each group of people could login to Cognos, run reports, etc…

Major updates during June & July:

(Note: if you see [QA] after an item below it is currently in testing, before being delivered to Production)

New data elements:

  • A flag has been added to Grade Code to indicate if it should be excluded from calculations. [QA]
  • Special Courses with a course # less than 100 [QA]
  • Sequence # added to Course/Section
  • Student advisor [QA]
  • International Student indicator, Full Name, Preferred First Name
  • HR data elements [QA]

New data areas:

  • Transfer Grades & Transfer Schools. [QA]
  • FIS: Index Codes!!!
  • Admissions: Test scores

New reports have been released into Production! Click the “Reports” link at the top of this document to see all reports. Check back often to see the new reports we continue to finish and release!


If you can’t find data you need, or have questions about existing data or columns, PLEASE contact us at: