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WOU’s Enterprise Data Warehouse began in July 2013 when the university’s CIO, Bill Kernan, asked then UCS Operating Systems/Security Analyist Richard Kavanagh to work with him and UCS Assistant Director Michael Ellis on a little project. Kavanagh agreed, so the trio sequestered themselves into the department’s only conference room for several months learning how to structure a dimensional database, reverse engineering what had been done before, learning the tool, switching over to a better tool, and then learning the new tool.

The people working on making the data warehouse a reality changed over time. Nick Miller was the first new member of the team, hired on to the team as a Programmer Analyst and Banner Finance and Human Resources expert, bringing his experience in the financial sector into the equation. Later, Shea Hawes was hired on as a Programmer Analyst and Banner Student expert. With the increasing size and independence of the newly dubbed “Green Room Team,” Kernan was able to leave the team and get back to his regular CIO activites. Then UCS Student Computer Technician and Honors Student Jared Petersen was transferred over to the project as a Cognos Report Developer and UCS Student Programmer. Max Chartier was hired on as a Data Architect a month later, bringing his reporting experience in to the team.

Through the knowledge, skill, and teamwork of the members of the Green Room Team, WOU’s Enterprise Data Warehouse was launched on June 2, 2014. The warehouse currently stores accounts recievable, admissions, finance, payroll, registration, and student data with plans to later expand this repository. There are over 20 business intelligence reports available for use, with more being created and validated every day. For a list of the current reports in production, please visit our report catalog.