computer science and mathematics dual major


The following are the requirements for the dual Computer Science/Mathematics BA or BS degree. It does not represent a contract and may have errors. This degree is ideal for the student who wishes to attend graduate school in either Computer Science or Mathematics.


Tentative Course Offerings by Term

Tentative Course Offerings by term – Mathematics

CS-Math Major – 4 year Term by Term Plan


The degree requirements listed below are considered a draft until fully approved through the Western Oregon University curriculum process.

 Computer Science and Mathematics Major **Effective 2016-17***
CS 160Intro to Computer Science4MTH 251Calculus I5
CS 161Computer Science I4MTH 252Calculus II5
CS 162Computer Science II4MTH 253Calculus III Sequences and Series3
CS 260Data Structures I4MTH 254Multivariate Calculus5
CS 271Computer Organization4MTH 280Introduction to Proof4
CS 360Programming Languages4MTH 341Linear Algebra I4
CS 361Algorithms4MTH 344Group Theory4
CS 363Info Assurance and Security4MTH 354Applied Discrete Mathematics4
CS 364Information Management4MTH 365Mathematical Probability4
CS 365Op Systems and Networking4MTH 366Mathematical Statistics4
CS 460Software Engineering I4Choose one:4
CS 461Software Engineering II4MTH 337 Geometry
CS 462Software Engineering III4 MTH 346 Number Theory
MTH 355 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 441 Linear Algebra
Choose 2 approved upper division mathematics electives:7-8

Computer Science/Mathematics majors must have a grade of C or better in computer science courses and a grade of C- or better in the mathematics courses used to satisfy the computer science/mathematics major requirements.

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