William Brown, PhD




Office Hours Spring 2018:

M 3:30-4:30

Location:  Maaske Hall 215


Research Areas:


Veterans entangled in CJ, Veteran Re-Acculturation Processes, Militarization of Law Enforcement, Ethnic Minority Issues Related to CJ, and The impact of Criminal Law on Corrections




William B. Brown is a Professor, with a PhD in Sociology, in the Criminal Justice Department at Western Oregon University.

His research includes prisoner reintegration, sentencing processes, youth gangs, homelessness, and other topics related to incarcerated persons.  His current research centers on the re-socialization experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.  Dr. Brown served as an infantryman with the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam, a Drill Sergeant, and eventually went to Officer Candidate School where he received an Infantry Commission.  His final military assignment was with B Company 75th Rangers.  When the Vietnam War ended he resigned his commission.

Drawing from his military experiences and sociology background his research examines the effects of the Military Total Institution on the re-socialization processes of young female and male veterans as they navigate back into the civilian culture.  Topics related to this research include education, employment, veteran’s services, significant others of veterans, and veterans entangled in the criminal justice system, which have been published in journals and books nationally and internationally.

He has provided sociological evaluations and/or testimony in more than 50 cases involving veteran defendants across the country, which includes 10 veteran homicide cases.  He is currently the executive director of the Bunker Project, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and monitoring referrals to services for veterans and their families.