Traditional Chemistry Program

Through the study of general, organic, analytical and physical chemistry, students studying within this discipline will be prepared for professional employment in industry, academia, government, non-profit and entrepreneurship or continued higher education in graduate or professional programs.

The American Chemical Society has a detailed listing of potential career options for students pursuing Chemistry degrees.  Please use this link to explore the diverse and exciting career opportunities for Chemistry majors!

Chemistry Major (73 Credits):

 –  CH221, 222, 223 General Chemistry (15)
 –  CH312 Quantitative Analysis (4)
 –  CH313 Instrumental Analysis (4)
 –  CH334, 335, 336 Organic Chemistry (9)
 –  CH337 Organic Chemistry Lab I (1)
 –  CH338 Organic Chemistry Lab II (2)
 –  CH350 Chemical Literature (1)
 –  CH407 Seminar (1)
 –  CH440, 441, 442 Physical Chemistry (9)
 –  CH461, 462, 463 Experimental Chemistry (6)
 –  MTH251, 252 Calculus I and II (10)
 –  MTH254 Multivariate Calculus (5)
 –  Upper Division Chemistry Electives (6)

Preparation for a prospective chemistry major includes high school chemistry, physics and a minimum of three years of mathematics including a minimum of MTH111 equivalency.  The B.A. requires MTH252, CS161 and completion of the third term of the second year of a modern language course.  The B.S. requires a combined total of 12 credit hours of coursework in mathematics and computer science including MTH252 and CS161.

The B.S. and B.A. require completion of the cultural diversity and writing intensive requirements.  For this major the six credits of writing intensive coursework should come from CH350W, CH407W, CH461W, and CH462W. The sequence PH211, 212, and 213 is to be completed as the LACC science requirement.

Chemistry majors are required to maintain a C average in their major.  If a chemistry major selects mathematics as a minor, the calculus sequences MTH251, 252, and 254 are to be replaced by PH211, 212, and 213.


Chemistry Minor (27-31 credits):

 –  CH221, 222, 223 General Chemistry (15)
 –  CH334, 335, 336 Organic Chemistry (9)
 –  CH337 Organic Chemistry Lab I (1)
 –  CH338 Organic Chemistry Lab II (2)
 –  Approved Upper Division Elective in Chemistry (3-4)

If a biology major selects chemistry as a minor, the general chemistry sequence is to be replaced by either PH201, 202, 203 (12) or PH211, 212, 213 (12).



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