Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Emphasis Program

The Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Emphasis Program is designed for students interested in applying for professional programs, such as Pharmacy School, Medical School, and Dental School, or for students wishing to pursue Graduade School in focus areas such as Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cancer Research, Toxicology, and Pharmacology. Thus, the entry requirements for several medical schools, dental schools, pharmacy schools, and graduate programs, nation-wide, have served as the basis for the development of this program.  This has resulted in a multi-dischiplinary degree plan that incorporates key elements of the chemical, physical, and biological sciences. The primary focus of this program is to apply chemistry to the study ob biologically and clinically active substances.  Course study will focus on biological and pharmacological molecular toxicology and the biological mechanisms of drug action, molecular graphics and rational drug design, quantitative structure-activity relationships, organic chemistry, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry techniques used in natural product isolation and drug development.

Students majoring in this emphasis area will receive a B.S. or B.A. degree in Chemistry with a minor in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology – Natural Sciences Track.  This degree plan provides a broad education in both the biological and chemical sciences, requiring 39 credits of biology coursework and 64 credits of chemistry coursework.  The Natural Sciences Track minor option may be taken by majors in scientific disciplines other than Chemistry providing that they complete the General Chemistry Series, CH221-223.  The Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Minor – Health and Community Track will provide a scientific foundation in biological chemistry for students majoring in the Health Sciences, Computer Sciences, Gerontology, Psychology, or other health-related programs.  Emphasis-specific courses will also provide elective course offerings that will be of high interest and relevance to Nursing majors.

Chemistry Major – Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Option (75 Credits)

CH 221, 222, 223 General Chemistry (15)
CH 312 Quantitative Analysis (4)
CH 313 Instrumental Analysis (4)
CH 334, 335, 336 Organic Chemistry (9)
CH 337 Organic Chemistry Lab (1)
CH 338 Organic Chemistry Lab (2)
CH 340 Elementary Physical Chemistry (4)
CH 350W Chemical Literature (1)
CH 407W Seminar (1)
CH 450, 451 Biochemistry I & II (6)
CH 409 Practicum (1)
CH 461W, 462W Experimental Chemistry (4)
BI334, 335, 336 Human Anatomy and Physiology (12)
Physics Option: Choose one sequence
PH201, 202, 203 General Physics with Algebra (12)
PH211, 212, 213 General Physics with Calculus (12)


The B.A. requires MTH251, MTH252 and CS121 or 161 and completion of the third term of the second year of a modern language course.  The B.S. requires a combined 12 credit hours of coursework in methematics and computer science including MTH251, MTH252, and CS121 or 161. For this major the six hours of writing intensive coursework should come from CH350W, CH407W, CH461W and CH462W.  The sequence BI211, 212, 213 is to be completed as the LACC science requirement. 

Pre-professional students should take EC201 or EC202 as part of their LACC requirements.  Students selecting this major must complete the Medicinal CHemistry and Pharmacology minor (natural science track) and maintain a C average in their major and minor coursework.


Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Minor: Natural Science Track (29 Credits)

BI314 Genetics (4)
BI315 Cell Biology (4)
BI331 General Microbiology (4)
CH322 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology (4)
CH345 Introduction to Toxicology (3)
CH347 Biochemistry of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) (3)
CH452 Biochemistry Lab (3)
MTH243 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (4)


This minor is highly recommended for students interested in pursuing Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Science as a career path. This minor may be taken by majors in scientific disciplines other than chemistry providing they complete CH221, 222, 223.  Biology majors selecting this option are required to meet with a Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology minor adviser to select appropriate course substitutions for any minor-specific coursework that overlaps with Biology major requirements.


Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Minor: Health and Community Track (26 Credits)

CH104, 105, 106 Introductory Chemistry (12)
CH322 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology (4)
CH345 Introduction to Toxicology (3)
CH347 Biochemistry of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) (3)
HE325 Nutrition (4)




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