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Chaperones & Group Leaders


The continued success of CECLC is attributed to our partnership with school district staff and volunteers (chaperones). They play a vital role in preparing their students and insuring they have a successful conference experience. CECLC adheres to school district policies, requiring a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 15 students attending the conference.

Group Leaders

As our host institution, Western Oregon University and the office of Multicultural Students Services & Programs train and prepare currently enrolled WOU students to serve as conference Group Leaders. They are responsible for leading an assigned group of conference students throughout the day of the conference.

Below is a description of Chaperone and Group Leaders roles and responsibilities.

Pre Conference

Meet with your students prior to the conference to review CONFERENCE RULES & STUDENT CONDUCT:

All Students are required to remain on the University campus at all times.

All Students are required to wear their conference t-shirts & name badges. These items must be visible and not underneath clothing such as jackets, shirts, etc.

All Students must adhere to all school district rules and procedures regarding appropriate behavior.

No drugs, alcohol, or smoking allowed.

No hats/caps, bandanas, headphones, hanging belts, sagging pants, tank tops, mini-skirts, backpacks, oversized coats, no use of cell phones or IPods are allowed at the conference.

If students are observed texting, speaking, or using a cell phone during the conference – School Staff are responsible for confiscating.

All students must be transported to and from the Conference on school district transportation. No private cars are allowed (unless pre-approved arrangements have been made).

Students must remain in their Student Groups and follow directions of their Group Leader.

During the workshop sessions, students are expected to listen respectfully, ask questions, and be fully engaged.

  • Distribute Student T-shirts and Conference Materials prior to the conference.
  • REMINDER: All Students and Chaperones will wear a conference t-shirt and name badge throughout the day of the conference.
  • REMINDER: Conference t-shirt and name badge must be visible. It should not be worn under jacket or other clothing.

Student Group Assignments

  • All students have been assigned a Group Number.
  • Each Group has an assigned schedule which includes, Exhibit Area, 2 workshops, and Lunch
  • These Groups will be led by Western Oregon University Student Ambassadors.
  • Remind Students to be respectful and adhere to requests or directions from the Group Leader.
  • During the Opening Session, each Student Group will be dismissed, one at a time.
  • The Group Number will be announced, Group Leader identified, and students should quickly go to their Group.
  • All Chaperones have also been assigned a Group Number.
  • Please accompany your assigned group and assist the Group Leader throughout the day.
  • Please address student behavior issues that arise (whether or not the student is from your particular school).

School Bus Arrival/Departure

  • Buses will be directed to the main doors of the NPE building/gym as they turn onto Church Street.
  • Conference Volunteers will be stationed at the drop off site and will direct schools into the NPE building/gym.
  • Buses not staying for the conference can then depart after Students & Staff have unloaded.
  • Buses staying will be directed across the street to park in Parking Lot G (behind the stadium).
  • Buses who did not remain on campus, and are returning for their students, should line up along Church Street.
  • Buses that remain on campus and parked in Parking Lot G will wait for their schools. Students and staff will be directed to Lot G and will load on the bus.

School Check-In & Morning Refreshments

  • After unloading from the bus, Students and Staff will enter through the main doors of the NPE/gym building. Schools will be directed to take a left, go down the hall, and enter the gym main entrance.
  • One School Representative(a staff person) needs to Check-In their school, and provide a final count of the number of students attending.
  • The School Check-In Table will be to the left of the stage, in the Gym.
  • This is also where Schools can pick up any missing student packets/materials.
  • Students and Staff, upon entering the gym, should go to the morning refreshments area (pan dulce and beverage).
  • Students and staff can help themselves, once they have their refreshments, please help students find their seats in the stands as soon as possible.

Opening Session

  • Encourage students to finish their breakfast items and dispose of trash in a timely manner.
  • Help them prepare for the start of the Opening Session.
  • Sit with your students during the Opening Session and help monitor behavior.
  • Students should be courteous, and pay attention to the keynoter and other dignitaries who are speaking.

Lunch Session

  • Students will remain in their assigned groups during the lunch session.
  • The Student Leaders will guide their students to their assigned lunch area.
  • After students eat and dispose of their garbage, the Student Group will go on a campus tour.
  • Please be prepared to assist the Student Leader in keeping the Group together.

Conference Closing/Dance

  • The Conference Closing & Dance will take place in the NPE Gym (same as Opening Session).
  • Assist students to find their seats in the bleachers and prepare for the Closing Program.
  • The Dance will follow the Closing Program (note: the longer it takes for the Closing to begin, the shorter the dance will be).
  • During the dance, students may sit in the bleachers and talk with friends, or they may dance.
  • Please help monitor all students, both those that are dancing and those that are sitting in the bleachers.  Students are not allowed to leave the dance area, except to use the restrooms.
  • Conference T-shirts and name badges need to be worn during the dance.


Please contact your area representative with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to a great conference. We want to thank you in advance for all of the assistance you have provided, and will provide the day of the conference!