A Club Sport is a student-led organization established through the Campus Recreation Department.  Club Sports are designed to serve those that have in interest in committing to an organized sport or recreational activity while at WOU. Club Sports can be recreational, or instructional in nature. However, most WOU Sport Clubs are competitive and represent Western Oregon University in intercollegiate competition. Club Sports teams regularly participate in scheduled practices, may employ part-time coaches, and many compete against other schools across Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and the nation.

Additionally, Club Sports provide students-officers with a unique learning experience that allows for the development of skills such as team leadership, public relations, fundraising, budgeting, and scheduling. Involvement in a group and team setting creates opportunities to enhance the student´s overall experiences at Western Oregon University.

For more information about each Club Sport, and to join a team go to www.imleagues.com/WOU and click on the “CLUB SPORTS” tab.

What is the difference between Intramural Sports, Club Sports & NCAA Athletics?

Intramural (IM) teams are organized by, and comprised of, students, faculty & staff.  These teams compete against other WOU IM teams in leagues or tournaments organized by the WOU Campus Recreation Department. IM teams typically do not have coaches or regularly scheduled practices. IMs are a “low key” way to participate in organized sports with friends, roommates and/or classmates.

Under the guidance of the Campus Recreation Department, Club Sports teams are managed and run by the teams’ elected student officers. These officers are responsible for adherence to their league or national organization rules, coach selection, travel planning, fundraising, scheduling practices and purchasing equipment/uniforms. Club Sports bridge the gap between Intramural Sports and Intercollegiate Athletics as they are still primarily student-lead but offer the opportunity to represent WOU in intercollegiate competition and compete for conference, regional and national championships.

WOU’s NCAA Athletic teams adhere to the NCAA Division II guidelines, policies, regulations and are managed by the WOU coaches and Athletic Department Administrators.

Club Sports Classifications

Tier I

Club Sports in Tier I develop and display athletic ability in the context of competition. A Club Sport in Tier I must be a registered student club with the Campus Recreation Department.

  • The number of participants interested in the activity is five or more currently enrolled full-time fee paying students
  • A regional, national or international governing body defines rules for practice/competition, playing season, eligibility for competition, and generally administers the state of the sport in the sporting community.
  • Specifically the playing season designated by a national or international governing body must include a clear start, a clear finish, a method to calculate the length of activity, and includes a period where no activity is taking place as an off-season.
  • The team participates in at least five (5) competitions against other teams/individuals that are guided by similar guidelines or structure during their designated playing season. (Or will within 18 months of being registered with the Campus Recreation Department).
  • The team or individuals hold practice sessions at least twice each week with the primary goal of the session focused on skill development and preparation for competition.
  • The organization must provide all required documentation in order to be considered.


Tier I
Sport Contact Contact Email
Men’s Lacrosse

Justin Morales


Men’s Rugby

Chris Davis


Women’s Rugby

Ciara Brady


Men’s Soccer

Nash Idler


Dance Team

Olivia Ashmanskas


Rock Climbing

Kayla Baker


Tier II

Club Sports in Tier II conduct sport activities with an emphasis placed on recreation and leisure pursuits. A Club Sport in Tier II must be a registered student club with the Campus Recreation Department.

  • Sport activity may be led by an instructor, coach, or sensei
  • Self-directed sport and leisure pursuits
  • Fall, Winter and Spring sessions
  • May have an occasional team or individual competition
  • Occasional group outings/trips
  • Limited travel
  • Moderate administrative support from Campus Recreation


Tier II
Sport Contact Contact Email
Disc Golf

Lucas Castanon


Martial Arts

Alex Buschauer


Men’s Basketball

Noah Jones



Sean Martin



Jacob Bering


Women’s Soccer

Haylie Shinsato


Women’s Volleyball

Tatianna Brock



Todd Sjullie


Annual Renewal
Each club´s classification will be reviewed annually and reflect the club´s overall activities and operations. The classification of each club is independent of their membership status/privileges. Each club is a sponsored student organization under the administration of the Campus Recreation Department. Participation in the club is not a right and privilege may be revoked at any time.


Campus Recreation

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