Sue Monahan, Ph.D.Sue Monahan
Associate Provost for Academic Effectiveness
Phone: 503-838-9216
Location: ITC 205C

What I do:
I work with faculty and administration as we build systems to align, assess and improve our curriculum, and report on our efforts to key stakeholders including faculty, students, university leaders and our accrediting agency (NWCCU). While this may sound dry, I mostly create and support opportunities for faculty to coordinate and collaborate, to teach and learn from each other as we constantly improve student learning. In my experience, when faculty get together to talk about student learning, amazing things happen. Nothing dry about that!

For the 2016-17 academic year, I am also facilitating the transition of WOU’s Interdisciplinary Studies program to faculty leadership.

While organizationally located in the Provost’s Office, I am pleased to have an honorary and spatial affiliation with the Center for Academic Innovation.

About me:
After three years as Dean of WOU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I moved into the Associate Provost role to focus on the systemic and creative work of continuous improvement. Before WOU, I was on the sociology faculty at Montana State University where I also served as Department Chair, Associate Dean and Director of Liberal Studies. I earned my Ph.D. and A.M. from Stanford University and my BA from Swarthmore College.  This power point of a 2010 presentation at Auburn University captures my passion for collaboration as a way to solve problems and move forward as a community.


Weiwei Zhang, Ph.D.Weiwei Zhang
Academic Technologist
Phone: 503-838-8918
Location: ITC 204C

What I Do:

  • Assist faculty and staff in the development of course materials and other instructional projects involving the use of technology.
  • Assist faculty with online and hybrid course design.
  • Conduct and coordinate faculty training and development activities that encourage innovative use of technology for teaching and learning.
  • Support and coordinate functional aspects of LMS (Moodle).
  • Develop and maintain documentation in support of instructional technology.
  • Maintain currency on the uses of technology in teaching and learning, tracking current literature, learning and evaluating emerging technologies.
  • Research areas:
    • Online teaching and learning
    • Online course design
    • CALL
    • Visual aid in classrooms

About Me:
In the past I have worked at Oregon State University as an Education Developer/Trainer, and prior to my new position at WOU, I was the Foreign Language Instructional Technologist at Reed College for 3 years. I hold a Ph.D. in Education: Teacher Leadership from Oregon State University, a Master’s Degree in Education: Information Technology from Western Oregon University.


Beverly WestBeverly West
Operations Coordinator
Phone: 503-838-8796
Location: ITC 204B
Beverly’s Availability

What I Do:
My primary role is to provide support and assistance for all CAI programs and the individuals involved in those programs, including both WOU community members and external partners. More specifically, this involves:

  • Conducting operational fiduciary activities; such as accounting, budget tracking, and office purchasing.
  • Preparing financial, state authorization, student data, and other relevant reports; and providing departmental BANNER SIS/FIS expertise, support, and training.
  • Providing logistical and technical support for faculty task force groups.
  • Identifying and implementing departmental process improvements.
  • Student advocacy and support with campus and external partners.
  • Coordination of workshops and events.
  • Front-line communication and public relations including website, events calendar, and social media.
  • Managing compliance with interstate education regulations and NC-SARA membership.

About Me:
My background includes experience in a variety of fields and roles, with an emphasis on technology. I hold a BA in Business from Holy Names University and a graduate degree from University of California Hastings. I’m a scifi geek – my hero is Captain Picard.



Center for Academic Innovation

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