Moodle News

Moodle upgrade (updated September 1, 2017)

Moodle has upgraded to version 3.2. Below is a list of new features added to the upgraded system:

H5P Integration: H5P is an open-source tool that we’ve integrated with WOU Moodle. You will be able to add an H5P activity type, and choose any of the following interactive content type:

Interactive Video (example  [We recommend uploading short videos or use Youtube videos]
Audio Recorder (example
Drag the Words (example
Drag and Drop (example
Fill in the blanks (example
Multiple Choice (example
Single Choice Set (example
Summary (example
True/False Question (example

Flashcard Plugin: You can add a flashcard activity, which would be helpful for studying vocabulary or familiarizing with new terms and concepts.

PoodLL Plugin: With PoodLL, students will be able to submit video/audio assignment, and you will be able to give them video/audio feedback. Please keep in mind that it takes a few minutes for the server to process both video and audio submissions. We recommend not to record lengthy video/audios using PoodLL. This is to avoid overloading the database and also avoid you losing your work. The continuation of this plugin will depend on funding.

Assignment grading: You can use PDF editor with both PDF and MSWord submissions.

Forum email reply: When you receive forum notifications in your email, you are able to respond to the original Moodle forum post directly from your email.

Permalink in forum thread: Allows you to link directly to a specific forum post. This makes it easier for you to share or point to the thread with others.

Move a discussion thread to a different forum: This is not needed too often, but once in a while, this comes handy.

Notification in messages: You will see a red mark next to the talking bubble when you have unread messages. No longer need to wonder if you have new messages.

New Theme: There will be a new category for theme testing. If you are interested in testing the new core theme, please let us know!

Textbook integrations: (Available after September 5th) This only affect instructors who had requested and will use the textbook integration.

Enrollment and Unenrollment Process: Moodle enrollment and unenrollment will be updated every hour. This process starts 2 weeks before the first day of class, and will be running throughout the whole term. Instructors no longer need to manually add or drop students for their Moodle courses.

  • When students drop courses before the first day of the term, they are deleted from these courses.
  • When students drop courses after the first day of the term, their student role will be deleted while their names remain on the user list in the course. They dropped students no longer have access to the courses (that they had dropped), but instructors can retrieve the student data if necessary. Students on the user list without a student role will not appear in gradebook.

Setting changes: Based on feedback we’ve collected from instructors last year, some default settings will change

Default for quiz attempt changed from “unlimited” to “1”

Student submission disclaimer: When students submit assignment, they are required to check on the box “This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people.”

Default for quiz review options has changed. Students will not able to see the attempt and the answer key until the quiz is closed.

Moodle is going from to



Moodle upgrade (Posted August, 2016)

The Moodle servers had gone through their yearly upgrade to one of the latest versions (version 3.0). The interface of Moodle 3.0 looks slightly different from the Moodle 2.8 version we used in the past, and it only contains courses taught after Aug 16, 2016. To access courses taught before Aug 16, 2016, please go to

Here is a list of new features that the 3.0 version offers: 

  • Click “log in” on the top right corner of the Moodle front page to log in. There is an additional login page;
  • New user menu (on the top right corner after you log in);
  • More drag and drop;
  • Bulk delete sections;
  • More quiz question types;
  • More private user profile;
  • Show date and time a file was uploaded (need to enable this in file setting);
  • Better reporting;
  • Auto save in Atto editor (default editor is TinyMCE HTML);
  • Moodle mobile available;
  • Moodle email system available;
  • Moodle messaging available;
  • Max score can be over 100;
  • Embedded PDF file display;
  • Turning technology (clickers) integrated.