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Moodle News

August, 2016

The Moodle servers had gone through their yearly upgrade to one of the latest versions (version 3.0). The interface of Moodle 3.0 looks slightly different from the Moodle 2.8 version we used in the past, and it only contains courses taught after Aug 16, 2016. To access courses taught before Aug 16, 2016, please go to archivemoodle.wou.edu.

Here is a list of new features that the 3.0 version offers: 

  • Click “log in” on the top right corner of the Moodle front page to log in. There is an additional login page;
  • New user menu (on the top right corner after you log in);
  • More drag and drop;
  • Bulk delete sections;
  • More quiz question types;
  • More private user profile;
  • Show date and time a file was uploaded (need to enable this in file setting);
  • Better reporting;
  • Auto save in Atto editor (default editor is TinyMCE HTML);
  • Moodle mobile available;
  • Moodle email system available;
  • Moodle messaging available;
  • Max score can be over 100;
  • Embedded PDF file display;
  • Turning technology (clickers) integrated.